You Can Now Get KFC Delivered Directly To Your Door

Cancel your plans, lock the doors and let out a guttural war chant of unadulterated joy.

Fried chicken lovers everywhere rejoice, for today is the day to surpass all others. The news you have been waiting for with bated breath, scarcely allowing yourself to believe it could one day come to fruition, has finally become a reality.

It has long been the desire of KFC fanatics to enjoy the company’s trademark chicken from the comfort of their own home.

Well, start the fanfare, alert the legions of fellow fried chicken fans and bang a drum of triumph, because it has been announced that, finally, KFC home delivery is no longer a manifestation of our utopic dreams of the future.

In news that will surely come as close to breaking the internet as anything since Kim Kardashian, KFC has announced that it will partner with the delivery service Just Eat to offer a delivery option through its app and website, for 30 branches in Greater London.

Someone organise a fried chicken party quick, fast and in a hurry, because this is not a drill - as Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director of Just Eat explains:

“We’re thrilled to welcome KFC to the Just Eat platform, offering our customers in London an ever wider choice of food than before.”

If this is the earth-shattering news that you have been waiting for, but happen to live outside Greater London, then try not to throw your toys out of pram too hastily, as Corfield claims that more restaurants will become home-delivery-ready every week:

“We’re adding KFC restaurants every week, meaning more customers will be able to enjoy KFC’s world famous chicken at the click of a button in their area very soon.”

As it is, customers in the vast majority of the Greater London area are now covered under the delivery option. The Just Eat app is a free download for mobile, or chicken connoisseurs can order via the company website.

The monumental news will surely see fried chicken fanatics everywhere enjoy a weekend’s indulgence this Saturday and Sunday. After all, what's better than delicious fried chicken? Delicious fried chicken delivered to your door. That's what.