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You Can Now Buy Coffee That Looks Like Water

Whenever I head to my local coffee shop, I tend to get the same coffee every time. I also know exactly what to expect: it's going to be milky, a bit frothy, with just the right amount of caffeine to give me a kick. However, beverages company Clear Coffee are looking to change all that with their latest product, as it's pretty different to the bog-standard coffee you tend to see on a daily basis.

Rather than being a certain shade of brown, this coffee is translucent. It looks just like a water bottle, and you'd think you would be drinking a bottle of water if it weren't for the fact that the label specifically states you're drinking coffee.

It is the first colourless drink in the world, and claims to be created through "methods never used before". Do they mean witchcraft? Sorcery? I didn't think a colourless coffee could ever exist. David and Andy Nagy, the founders of CLR CFF, claim that "due to this combination of technology and high-quality ingredients (that) a drink has been developed which is unique in taste and flavour."

Apparently, the pair decided to develop the idea after David struggles with coffee-stained teeth due to his heavy consumption of coffee. The beverage is made from high quality Arabica beans and water, and does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors.

The lovely folk over at Metro tried out a few bottles of Clear Coffee, and the verdict was mixed. Rebecca, who doesn't particularly like coffee, wasn't too enamoured: "It has the aftertaste of cheap wine and I can think of things I’d less rather drink. But it would taste delicious with a splash of rum." Glowing reviews, it seems.

I must admit that although it looks incredibly Instagrammable, I'm not too sure about this whole clear coffee malarkey. If I'm looking to consume a clear drink, I'll head straight to the tap for some water. It's certainly a novel idea though, and I'm still thoroughly baffled by how they achieved the seemingly-impossible product.