Woman completes 10k race and stops off at every taco joint on the way

Eating tacos and long-distance running are not things that tend to go arm-in-arm. While both are a test of human stamina, one is a form of exercise and endurance, and the other is just seeing how many holes in your belt you can expand your waist by. While you may not put competitive racing and consuming the delightful Mexican street food in the same bracket, one women has combined the two activities in the most genius way.

Anna Orso, a journalist from Philadelphia, is a big fan of long distance running: she is also a fan of tacos. This year, Anna left it late when it came to entering the Philly 10K, and was hoping that she would be able to get a bib for the race by transferring with someone who was bailing just a few days before the race commences.

Unfortunately for Anna, this wasn't possible, so she came up with her own plan. Check it out below:

"I thought I was going to be slick this year in my effort to sign up for the Philly 10K. I’ve done it twice before (please clap — no seriously, please, it’s the future of my profession), and I’m over paying an arm and a leg to exercise for one hour.

"So I figured this year, I would wait until just a few days before the fourth annual run through South Philly and Center City to snag a bib from someone who’s bailing just before the race.

"Except the other day I was informed that the “transfer period” to get a bib from someone else ended a couple weeks ago. So I decided, screw that, I’ll complete my own Philly 10K and spend my time doing something far better than the perpetually-overrated activity that is running: Eating tacos."

Anna mapped out the official course on Google Maps, and found a bunch of taco joints that were on the route, or just off of it. She then spent an entire Wednesday (well, five hours) walking around the city and eating tacos. To eat that at that many taco joints is impressive, but to walk for five hours is even more so: walking is mind-numbingly boring.

Anna documented the whole ordeal, reviewing each taco joint she went to and explaining what she had to eat. In the end, the journalist/taco connoisseur had eaten 14 Tacos, but Anna being Anna, she was nearly tempted into more.

"The bike ride home is not easy. I think hard about my actions, and realize I have a dinner reservation in three weeks that I wonder if I’ll make it to. Then, as I’m just over a mile from home, I pass one of my favorites: Taco Riendo.

"And I’m not going to say I didn’t think about it."

Fair play to Anna, that is a seriously impressive feat of eating and walking. I, for one, could definitely do the tacos part. Although, I'm not too sure I could handle walking 10K with all of that food in my stomach. If you want to see her reviews of each taco joint, why not take a look at her article which outlines what she ate and how she felt.