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Wendy’s Just Got Savagely Owned by the Oakland A’s on Twitter

Everyone knows that Twitter battles are the new combat sport these days, but with one difference. Rather than everyone scrambling to buy front row tickets, there are no VIPs in this game, and the whole digital world is always invited to sit in prime position, watching as the two opponents fight to the death.

One restaurant guiltier than Donald Trump at waging a war of words on social media is Wendy's, whose Twitter account is fierce, ferocious and won't stand for having anything less but the last word, winning the internet in the process.

However, last week for the first time, Wendy's failed to wield the sceptre and were completely savaged by none other than four-time World Series champion baseball team, the Oakland A's. Who'd have thought they would be the ones to stamp on Wendy's reign of Twitter terror?

It all started when Twitter account MaybeMaybeNot asked the internet: "Who would win in a Twitter battle @Athletics versus @Wendys ??" Little did they know, they were about to get their answer. The Oakland A's were straight in there, responding with a play on words: "We'd eat @Wendy's for lunch." Queens of trolling Wendy's weren't having any of it and replied: "At least your lunch would be a win". But no one was prepared for the baseball team's response. Let's just say it was a home run.

They wrote: "One thing we have in common: we both give people the runs."

Absolutely savage. Twitter was thrilled with the Oakland A's saucy reply, which gave Wendy's an idea of what it's like to be on the receiving end of their wisecracks. The restaurant's social media department was obviously feeling the heat, as they rustled up a reply in a desperate attempt to reclaim their crown writing: "When the team Twitter account just says, 'Yeah, we let the other team score on us'".

The Oakland A's responded with another smackdown, saying: "That reply was more square than your burger patties." The fast-food chain wrote back: "Now if you could just stop giving the Jays runs...", giving everyone a good chuckle.

But, let's be honest, there was absolutely no chance of scoring quite so high as their nemesis on the burn-ometer. Or perhaps we're just enjoying seeing the Twitter pith champs choke down a taste of their own medicine. Either way, we're so glad we've found someone to step up to the social media sass plate. We look forward to many more altercations in the future. Let the Twitter battle live long and prosper.