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Time Claims “Hold My Avocado” Is A Millennial Catchphrase, Twitter Claps Back

The ongoing war of words between certain online publications and the current generation of young adults is truly something to behold.

On outlets across the worldwide web, "Millennials" are being blamed for a whole host of industry failures, and experts around the globe are criticizing them for failing to invest in needlessly expensive diamonds or for not putting themselves in huge amounts of debt to pay for a mortgage. Oh, the humanity.

TIME magazine were the latest website to throw some shade at Millennials, but like most publications to do so, the Millennials hit back with some pretty sassy retorts. It all started with this hilarious tweet, describing the state of affairs at the moment, and making light of the potential impending nuclear war.

Of course, in the past few years, the humble avocado has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance, leading to some people declaring it as the flagship fruit for the Millennial generation. TIME magazine took that one step further, though, when they posited that "hold my avocado" should be the new Millennial catchphrase.

Let's take a look at this article in a little more detail, and try to understand the reasoning behind this new Millennial catchphrase.

The article starts by deconstructing what actually makes this joke funny, noting how it riffs on the popular "hold my beer" meme, then demonstrates how our "peak avocado consumption" makes the pitted green fruit the perfect item to encompass the Millennial experience.

"But the thing that makes this catchphrase relevant is the canny swap-in of 'avocado' for beer. We live in the era of peak avocado consumption. The proliferation of all things avocado-related, from overpriced toast to fancy pizza to elaborate art, has become shorthand for the trends and priorities that millennials, in particular, embody. In other words, 'hold my avocado' is a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience: seeking luxury wellness, but potentially derailed by sociopolitical developments."

This did not go down well. Going out to TIME's 14.5 million followers, the post got 1,000 retweets, but it also got nearly as many replies, and unfortunately, most of those replies from Millennials were not exactly complimentary of TIME's new thinkpiece.

There was a whole host of sarcastic responses from Twitter's Millennial wisecrackers, including some alternative catchphrases that perhaps would be more fitting.

Meanwhile, others tore apart the legitimacy of the new Millennial catchphrase. Avocado seems like an oddly specific word to describe an entire generation of people, and Twitter let TIME have it when it came to the accuracy of "hold my avocado" as well.

Finally, the Millennials hit back with a couple of memes of their own.

Having witnessed this rather savage Twitter clapback, if Millennials are looking for a general catchphrase, it's fair to say that "hold my avocado" definitely isn't that. Avocado is a pretty great fruit, great in a gazpacho or a guacamole, and a lot of people in their 20s and 30s enjoy them, but I think that using it to sum up all those Millennials is a little fruitless, to be honest.