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This video of a burlesque dancer’s food-based routine is breaking the internet

In the right hands, food can be incredibly sexy. Whether it's a bar of slowly melting chocolate, a cold spoon of liquifying ice cream or the sensuous, salty slip of an oyster, people have been fantasizing over their food for centuries; we're weird like that. However, one meal that rarely gets mentioned alongside our famous aphrodisiacs is pizza. A doughy wedge of meat, cheese and tomato is many things, but arousing isn't one of them. That is, until now.

A pioneering burlesque performer has decided to take her routine to the next level by introducing the world to erotic pizza dancing. During her set at the rather unappetizingly named Jumbo's Clown Room in Los Angeles, artist, model and dancer Lily Blue Moon stunned patrons by appearing on stage accompanied by a slice of her favorite pre-performance snack.

Fortunately for anyone absent from the show, what happened next was captured on a minute-long video that has now been seen over three million times. For the duration of the clip, Moon appears to slowly and deliberately circle a metal pole in the centre of the stage, before taking bite after delicious bite of pizza. She continues to pace, staring dismissively out at the baffled crowd, before setting herself on the floor and finishing her feast. All the while, the dulcet tones of Metallica's Enter Sandman blare in the background.

The onlookers appear initially stunned by what they are seeing - presumably too awestruck and jealous to move. Eventually, some infatuated viewers hurl hefty wads of cash towards the stage, striking Moon in the face and buffeting the pizza. This does little to deter her, as she continues to snack on the floor.

The crowd begins to whoop and more money is showered on the stage. Clearly, the audience is aware of the levity of the moment, as they witness the birth of what could become one of the defining artistic movements of this century.

Speaking about her inspiration for the performance, Moon confessed that the pizza did not form a part of her usual routine. In an interview with Foodbeast, Moon stated that she had gone on stage with pizza a few times at other bars, but never in front of such a large crowd. Initially, Moon had thought that the move would simply "be funny". She acknowledged that the overwhelmingly positive response came as something as a shock.

Having worked at Jumbo's joint for over a year, Moon has built a reputation as a dedicated pizza enthusiast - bringing a box with her before the start of every shift. This behaviour has earned her the... imaginative moniker, "The Pizza Girl". Her willingness to incorporate her favourite foodie treat into her show has inspired a host of people across the internet - with several users quick to declare that the video represents everything that they aspire to in life.

Moon herself has gone on record to say that, "If there's anything I'd want to be known for, it's eating pizza half naked and getting money thrown at me for it". I think we speak for everyone when we say: amen.