This unlucky Trader Joe’s shopper found a dead lizard in her bag of kale

It's hard enough getting the nation to eat healthy let alone to eat kale. Personally, I love the stuff - almost like a healthy pasta, this cousin to spinach is great al-dente with a little salt and olive oil. It also works well in almost every dish you can think of, plus you can eat it raw. I know, however, that I am in the minority with this way of thinking.

If you didn’t like kale before, you’re probably not about to start after reading this. A shopper at a Washington, D.C. Trader Joe’s got an unpleasant surprise when she got home to unload her bag of groceries on Tuesday. Inside a bag of cut, cleaned and ready to cook kale, Grace Goldstein found a "very dead" lizard.

Upon first glance, the tiny, full grown lizard caused a bit of confusion. Grace says, "It was a back and forth between denial and horror, which amounted to a lot of asking my boyfriend to see the bag of kale and identify the lizard and shrieking and pushing it away and refusing to go near it…and then asking to see it again."

What to do next? Preserve so you can take it back to your local Trader Joe's of course. Grace placed the bag of greens in her freezer to keep the reptile fresh. "We had reached out to TJ corporate and weren’t sure if we were also going to bring it back to the local store where we bought it and didn’t want a decomposing lizard in the fridge," Goldstein said. "It's a little too close to my late night ice cream for comfort."

A representative for the supermarket chain confirmed to People magazine that they are investigating her complaint. "We are committed to providing customers with great products of the highest quality and are currently working with our vendor to look into and address the matter," the spokesperson said in a statement.

Shortly after the incident, Goldstein’s friend Kate Berner uploaded a photo of the lizard kale on Twitter and inspired other Trader Joe's enthusiasts to share their unfortunate finds in food products. One user posted a photo of a "2 feet long" piece of hair that came out of an ice cream sandwich. As for whether Goldstein will ever eat kale again, "I'm really into spinach now," she said.

Luckily, spinach and kale aren't essential to your health and well being. Case and point: newly single Channing Tatum. To get in shape for the likes of Magic Mike, personal trainer William J Harris talked about how working out on its own isn't enough to get a body like Tatum's.

"Just as exercise is all about intensity, food is all about quality. So we swapped the unhealthy ingredients in the food Channing likes for healthy ones – we gave him lean turkey rather than beef, for example, and swapped takeaway pizzas for homemade wholewheat ones topped with organic veggies. Processed and frozen foods, salt, sugar and alcohol were all no-nos."

For a guy in such good shape, Tatum largely stays away from the kale and quinoa; in fact, in a Reddit AMA he revealed his eating habits are pretty similar to the stuff you or I would eat. Well, mostly. The take-home is if you are more careful at watching what you eat - having a close look at your food and reading the backs of your packets - you could avoid finding lizards in your kale and lose a bit more weight.