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This two-year-old-boy used his spending money to treat some local firefighters

Christmas, as we know, is a time for good tidings and joy. Come December 1st, it seems the right thing to do to start giving more and saying hello to random people - And these are the same people you'd usually punch in the face any other time of year if they greeted you (or worse yet, try and hold a conversation with you on public transport).

The positive festive vibes fester from when we were children, when we were told a treasure-trove of presents awaited us if we were nice between the months of November and December (then October, September and even August as shops realized they could ride the Christmas wave as far back as the summer holidays).

As a result, we would be blackmailed to behave and coerced into doing chores and errands so we would get in Santa's good books. We would never have had the balls to call BS, even if there was any inclination we couldn't get what we so desperately wanted but didn't need.

Even for the little things like an allowance, I remember being so greedy and fiendish, which I do regret looking back. But one kid showed the world what it truly means to be in the spirit of giving,during a recent trip to Walmart.

Summer Aldridge promised her two-year-old son, Dawson, that he could have $5 to buy himself a treat if he behaved (I would be lucky to even get the cereal I liked, let alone five dollars for whatever I wanted).

At the end of the errand, Dawson went to pick out a drink and a candy bar. But then he saw a group of firefighters in uniform and brought his mother an entire box of Tic Tacs. "Can we give these to those guys?" he asked.

His mum, of course, agreed and Dawson walked over to the firefighters to deliver the treats himself. His mum posted the heartfelt story on Facebook, saying "they were so nice — just hugging him and asking him what he wants for Christmas".

She continues in the post, "Dawson said to them 'I wanna be a firefighter for Christmas!' They all laughed and said, 'We have room for you buddy, we can give you an application now'." This is too cute to handle.

Summer is one proud mom. Her post on Facebook also said:

"His daddy and I are trying so hard to raise him and his little sister right! I don't want to raise them to handle a cruel and heartless world, I want them to make the world less cruel and heartless."

Comments on the post are incredibly heartwarming too, showing a lot of love and praise for Summer's parenting. Summer herself couldn't be more happy and proud.

This couldn't better example to put you in the holiday mood. Nothing is more pure and innocent than a child's perspective of the world. I hope Dawson gets everything he wants for Christmas and more.