This Japanese Dish Is Like French Toast On Steroids

If you're not careful, breakfast can easily become a dull Groundhog Day-style rotation of cornflakes, oatmeal, and toast. In fact, the good name of breakfast has been dragged so often through the mud that many of us choose to forego it completley.

However, thanks to a shiny new breakfast / dessert combination hailing all the way from Japan, it looks like our breakfasts are about to become envy-inducing once more. Introducing: Shibuya honey toast.

Shibuya honey toast is essentially French toast on steroids, using a hollowed out loaf of bread instead of the traditional measly slice. The bread is coated with honey and butter, fried, and filled with whichever delicious toppings you can dream up.

The decadent dessert originated in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Over the years, it has become incredibly popular around the world, especially in countries like Thailand and Singapore. It's only recently become popular in the West, causing Westerners to wonder en masse why they've never thought of it before.

If you want to give this dish a go yourself, it's best to attempt it with the butter and milk-laced French loaf known as Pain de Mie. You might thing brioche would be a good choice, but according to those in the know, it's not quite strong enough for the job.

Many recipes for this dish call for the inside of the loaf to be cut into cubes, fried in butter, and placed back in the centre of the loaf. I don't know about you, but that sounds like the kind of double carb situation I'd love to find myself in at the breakfast table.

Dollop on some caramelized banana and a dash of ice cream, and you've got yourself a breakfast dessert of champions. And yes, I am registering as we speak.