This is what your favorite candy reveals about your personality

Although  everyone's got their own diet plan and rules about what they should put in their body, I think that at heart, everyone's got a bit of a sweet tooth, and there's a candy out there that satisfies every palate. Sweet or sour, chewy or crunchy, everyone's got a favorite, but what you might not know is that the candy you like to eat the most tells us a lot about the person who likes to eat it.

Fan of peanut butter cups or sour gummy worms? For some reason, do you like licorice (I guess some people do)? Either way, if you're a candy lover of any kind, read on. We're about to use candy to look directly into your soul. Buckle up.

1. Gummy bears

As long as you don't think too hard about how they're made, gummy bears are pretty delicious. Chewy and sweet without being too overpowering, what's not to like (again, don't think too hard about how they're made)? If you're like me and gummy bears are your candy of choice, then chances are you're a bit of a kid at heart. Warm, extroverted and optimistic, you probably like to surround yourself with like-minded people, but when it comes to sharing those gummy bears, those other people had better get their own.

2. Lollipops

Candy on a stick is one of those ideas that just makes sense, and for those of you who like yourself a lollipop to crush those cravings for sugar, the chances are that you're a bit more of a reserved person. In your love life and in general, you prefer not to make the first move, feeling things out and taking cautious licks of your favorite candy before opening up. Unless, of course, you're one of those crazy people who try and munch down an entire lollipop in one bite.

3. Dark chocolate

Of all the candies that'll be featured on this list, dark chocolate is probably the best for your health. Filled with plenty of benefits for human beings (not to mention as an aphrodisiac), lovers of dark chocolate are more likely to be health nuts. Instead of overloading your body with sugar, engaging in subtle sweetness and focusing on flavor means you're very level-headed, mature person who a lot of people can count on. Maybe you're also the kind who prefers intimate gathering to full-blown parties, or a glass of wine instead of a pack of beer or several margaritas.

4. M&Ms

The quintessential chocolate in candy shell, M&Ms are easy to transport and delicious by the handful. It makes them perfect for a roadtrip or snack on the go, and wouldn't you know it: lovers of M&Ms are more likely to be adventurous, restless souls, ready to travel to the other side of the world at a moment's notice. Like your favorite sweet treat, you're very colorful, and often, your loved ones and friends never see what's coming next.

5. Gumballs

If you're a lover of gumballs, then it's very likely you're the kind of person who seems to be everywhere at once, buzzing about the place with a near-infinite amount of pep. "How do you have so much energy?" ask your coworkers, bleary-eyed over a cup of coffee at 10 in the morning. You tell them your secret, but sadly, you've got a mouth full of gumballs and they can't understand what you're saying. Ah, well.

6. Peanut butter cups

Whether we're talking Reese's or any of the (kind of inferior) peanut butter cups out there on the market, the existence of this delicious snack at the top of your list of favorite candies indicates that you're a bold, individualistic person who's not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You know what you want and you go out there and get it, and regardless of what people think of you (throwing about silly terms like "intimidating" or "unapproachable"), you should never change.

7. Licorice

It's fair to say that licorice isn't everybody's favorite candy. In fact, if there was a definitive ranking, it's pretty likely that licorice ranks somewhere nearer the bottom. But for those of you licorice lovers out there, you won't mind one bit. You're a bit old-school, dining out for three course meals, watching black-and-white films, or relaxing with a nice hardcover book. Your friends all admire you for the way you stick to your task, and they're a little jealous of how sophisticated you are.

8. Raisinets

As you probably are well aware, Raisinets are for the raisin lovers out there who just need a little bit more chocolate with their fruit. There's something quite fun about eating a piece of chocolate and getting a raisin too, but like your favorite candy, Raisinets lovers are more than meets the eye. If you know a Raisinets lover from work, chances are they're very put-together and professional, but catch them at a bar on a Saturday and it's like they're a different person!

9. Sour gummies

Gummy candy is one thing, but if you're a connoisseur of sour gummies (whether they be of the bear, worm or any other variety), you're a person that's bold, outgoing, and is willing to try anything. You're the life at the party, and whenever you go out with new friends, the chances are that someone's heard of you already. If not, there's no way they'll forget you. As a result of your inventive, adventurous parties, you often find yourself in some pretty weird situations. Don't worry though: they always make for awesome stories.

10. Snickers

If you consider Snickers to be your favorite candy, there's a good chance you're used to chomping one of these down at half time of your school football games, or as a quick snack right after a session of the gym. On the whole Snickers lovers are usually born athletes, and aside from your obvious competitive qualities, you're a supportive and loyal team player in general, not to mention a bit of a dog lover too.

11. Caramel chews

While some people prefer their caramel on top of a sundae or loaded into the aforementioned Snickers bar, those of you who love caramel chews are probably known as the smart ones in your social circles. You're always curious about the world around you, and there's always an opportunity to learn a bit more about the goings-on in the universe. While you're a bit quieter in large groups, you like to surround yourself with those who have a similar thirst for knowledge, and when you're with the right crowd, you can let your hair down and show an entire new side to your personality.

Well, there we go, friends. If you're a bit of a sweet tooth, then you'll really appreciate all the different things your proclivity says about your personality, but think really hard about your favorite one for a unique (and sweet) insight into your soul. Have fun!