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This is how you can hack your dreams with different kinds of cheese

Although scientists are still unsure of the relationship between dreams and eating before bed, it is clear that eating close to sleeping can cause disrupted sleep. You should especially avoid heavy meals, spicy food and anything likely to cause you indigestion, starting about two or three hours before you sleep. One of the main culprits of this is cheese.

The British Cheese Board have carried out a very specific survey to dispel myths about the food and - for a lack of a better phrase - help you master cheese. The body asked 200 people to two-thirds of an ounce of cheese half an hour before bedtime and then asked them to keep a sleep diary. According to British Cheese Board secretary Nigel White, they found that "about three-quarters of everybody said that they slept well every night." On top of that, "vivid dreams" were reported, even down to the type of cheese. Here's all you need to know to hack your dreams using cheese.

1. Blue cheese 

According to Nigel, blue cheese gives you "wacky" dreams. Not nightmarish, just a little odd. For example, he recalls, "One of the volunteers said that she dreamed of a vegetarian crocodile who was upset because he couldn’t eat children. And another one dreamed that they had soldiers fighting with each other with kittens instead of guns".

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2. Cheddar

If you want to dream of Ryan Gosling, go for good old cheddar. "Cheddar is the most eaten cheese in this country, and there seemed to be a theme there where the volunteers were dreaming of celebrities," says Nigel.

What cheese to eat to get the dream you want

3. Cheshire

Don't be fooled by this cheese's mild taste, because this little guy can eradicate dreams altogether. according to Nigel, "The people who ate Cheshire said they had nice sleeps, but they were dreamless."

What cheese to eat to get the dream you want

4. Red Leicester 

Want a throwback? Have some Red Leicester. Nigel says, "With the Red Leicester, it seemed to be very nostalgic dreams that people were having about things that happened in their childhood or with their families."


5. Lancashire 

For fans of the Lancashire variety, things are about to get depressing. "As far as the Lancashire was concerned, they’d seem to dream about work," said Nigel. "Actually, one even dreamed of being the prime minister of the country." Stay away, people.


Feel free to carelessly gorge on cheese on toast every night at 11.30pm without fear of repercussion (well, except indigestion). Unfortunately, there isn't specific information for that - say you eat an entire cheeseboard, you're pretty much on your own.