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This guy cracked a dozen double-yolk eggs in a row and the internet is going crazy

The discovery of a double-yolked egg while baking, cooking, whatever can either be super fun or a huge pain: it can mean either an extra large eggs Benedict, or a tragically botched recipe. Either way, it's a pretty rare occasion and you have to take a picture of it.

Like finding a curly fry in an order of french fries, or discovering a 10th chicken nugget in an order of nine, you can't hide your glee when you crack open an egg to find out two gooey yellow blobs glistening back at you. One man got this feeling not once, not twice, but 12 times.

The lucky guy goes by the name of Mark J on YouTube, where he uploaded a video of his double-yolker under the title “5 double yolk eggs in a row yesterday, 7 today. Trader Joe’s/ Sauder’s drugging their chickens?!”

'Mark' claims that each of the dozen eggs he recently purchased from Trader Joe's had more than the expected number of yolks. Setting aside the conspiracy theory implied in the video's title, it's still a pretty unique feat.

According to Mashable, getting 12 double-yolk eggs in a row is super unlikely (but you didn't need the internet to tell you that). For the uninitiated, the odds of getting just one double-yolked egg is one in 1000.

The odds of getting six double-yolks in a row is one in a quintillion. You are more likely to have your celeb crush come to your front door and profess their love to you, handing you a winning lottery ticket as you are struck by lightning. This isn't exact math, of course, but you get the picture I'm drawing.

The odds of getting a full dozen double-yolked eggs in a row are so high Mashable didn't provide a number, but let's all agree that if six in a row puts us in the quintillions (that's 18 zeros), 12 double yolks in a row is a true mathematical anomaly; something not even John Nash from A Beautiful Mind could compute.

Mark J only got the last five eggs in his video, and claims he cracked the other seven the day before. For anyone wondering what exactly a double-yolked egg is, the phenomenon occurs when a hen releases two ova too close together.

The result of the hen's anomaly: an eggshell that contains more than one egg or yolk, as explained by the website Fresh Eggs Daily. This probably means that Trader Joe's (or their egg supplier Sauders) aren't feeding their chickens something funky.

Yes, it just turns out that Mark J on YouTube has fortunately stumbled onto viral video content without even trying: something Millennials forever dream of doing. Not only that, he gets double the amount of protein for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

The next time you find yourself in the situation where you're getting more yolk for your buck, don't be alarmed. Instead, go and buy a lottery ticket to see if you can get as many as 12 double jackpots in a row.