This Couple Just Got Married inside a Taco Bell, Yes Really

You know, organising a wedding ceremony is probably one of the most stressful events that someone can ever hope to plan for. I think I'd rather organise a garden party for the Queen of England than a wedding. After all, the Queen has a garden party every other week, whereas a young couple only has one occasion (hopefully) in which they can get it right. Just think of all the stuff that you need to prepare: the invitations, the music, the vows, the wedding dress, the guest-list, the best man's speech, and most importantly of all, the wedding venue itself.

There are so many options. Long gone are the days when two lovers looking to join themselves in holy matrimony would be restricted to a church for their nuptials.

Now you can get hitched at a beach, ski resort, casino, by a famous landmark, or even on the open sea. In fact, pretty much anyplace where two people can stand upright long enough to say "I do" is fair game. Even, as it turns out, fast food restaurants. Now I know what you're about to ask me: "Callum, be serious now; isn't a wedding at Taco Bell the most tacky idea since the invention of fuzzy pink dice?" Well the answer to that question is, obviously, "yeah", but on the other hand, there are lots of advantages to tying the knot in a fast food joint that you might not have considered.

For example, you'll never get peckish during a long ceremony, and if your invitees get restless during your nuptials, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that at least they'll be provided with table service, and free refills. If you think I'm making this up, then think again! Taco Bell have just announced that two people have done exactly that, and we have a picture to prove it.

But they're not the only people who will be getting hitched at this most esoteric of wedding venues. From August 7 onwards, the cantina's wedding chapel will be available to hire out to the public, and the price of booking includes officiated ceremony, garter, bow ties, a bouquet, and some commemorative T-shirts. You also get a 12-pack of tacos, just in case you're still hungry.

Ryckert and Monda, who met online two years previously, actually bonded over their mutual love of Mexican cuisine, and so their bizarre wedding was a natural choice for them. "It was actually one of the first conversations we ever had," Ryckert stated in a recent interview, "She told me that she'd pick Taco Bell over a fancy Mexican place any day of the week, and I knew then that we were going to be a great fit."

But this isn't the first weird stunt that the fast food chain had pulled recently: check out the weird fried-egg tacos they've cooked up.