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This clip of Gordon Ramsay as ‘Wingman Ramsay’ is cooking up a storm

As the host of Hell's Kitchen and the celebrity chef most capable of turning the air blue, there are some things we've come to expect of Gordon Ramsay. Awesome food, savage putdowns, not to mention outspoken opinions about food, usually expressed by savage putdown.

But there's one thing that I don't usually associate with Gordon Ramsay: undisputed sex appeal. Yeah, you heard me. Gordon Ramsay is probably the most famous celebrity chef in the world, but when he's not screaming at incompetent wannabe cooks or cursing out people on Twitter, he's actually a pretty charming guy, with a sense of humor to boot.

If he wasn't married for 21 years with three kids, I'm not sure if I could compete with Ramsay when it came to dating. That being said, he showed recently that he's still got plenty of game, by taking off his chef jacket to become none other than 'Wingman Ramsay'. Of course, he was the best wingman ever.

So, what does it take to convince Gordon Ramsay to be your wingman? Apparently, a spot on his new television show Hotel Hell wouldn't hurt. In this clip of the show, which has recently been uploaded to YouTube, Gordon decides to take "nervous hotel owner" Ken Pisciotta out for a night on the town.

Rather than just letting off some steam, though, there's actually a method to Ramsay's seductive madness on this occasion. Very perceptively, Ramsay has discovered that Ken doesn't have very much self esteem, and that's not great if you want to run a successful business of any kind.

Ramsay figures that if he can get Ken feeling himself with the ladies, then maybe he'll gain the self-confidence he needs to run a successful hotel. It's a daring maneuver, but will it work? Let's find out, shall we?

Ditching the white chef jacket for something more suited to the evening, Gordon and Ken head out to a local bar, where (surprise surprise) they immediately hit it off with a group of women. Wouldn't you know it: they have a single friend who would be perfect for Ken!

The only problem is that she's not with them right now, so instead Ken invites her to meet him at the hotel's re-opening the next day. At this point, Gordon Ramsay steals into the night, leaving Ken to do his thing and confident this will have a positive effect on the meek hotel owner.

That's as far as the video goes, but this story does indeed get a happy ending. As expected, the single friend shows up to the hotel re-opening, and impressed with how that event has gone, Gordon decides to give Ken one last gift. He walks up to the hotel owner, and hands him the perfect parting gift: the single lady's phone number!

Now, it's up to Ken to bring that hotel expertise to his love life. We wish him all the best, but I'm sure that if Ken ever needs to go out and meet some women, I'm sure that Gordon Ramsay will be the first guy he calls. If he would return my calls, Gordon Ramsay would be the first guy I call too.