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This App Tells You What You Are Craving, And It’s The Answer To All Of Our Prayers

There is nothing worse than when you can't decide what to eat.

After spending hours trawling through your phone and not being tempted by anything on offer, you eventually get to the stage where you are past the point of hunger and decide you don't want anything anymore, or you end up in a row with your friend/significant other.

We also suffer from being "hangry" (hungry + angry for those that don't know) from time-to-time, and now thankfully, there is an app to cure our relentless condition.

Say hello to FoodFaves, an app that is essentially the Tinder of the food world. When you can feel your cravings kicking in, simply log on to FoodFaves and swipe left or right on the photos of food you like or don't like, and it will do the rest.

When you first download the app, it will start off asking you what your favourite restaurants are in order to size up your taste buds and work out what you're about in terms of flavour. It then stores these restaurants on your profile and from there, you take the "Crave Quiz" in which you simply swipe left or right on different photos of food, to determine what it is you're after.

Much like Tinder or Bumble, you swipe right if you're feeling it, and left if you're not... simple, right?

The app's founder is Sydney Epstein, 24, and she hails from the fast food haven that is New York City. She says that the inspiration for the app came when she struggled to choose what she wanted to eat one night and got fed up of being indecisive.

Sydney found that the the best way to sort this, was to look at the best food pics that restaurants have online, and pick which one tickled her fancy the most. It's safe to say that a lot of us spend many hours looking at pictures of food online, so there's probably no better way to decipher what it is that we're craving.

FoodFaves is still operating in it preliminary stages at the moment, and there has been some teething problems, which is to be expected on a brand new bit of tech.

Issues such as the app not being able to trace a user's location accurately, or suggesting a restaurant that is pretty wide of the mark in terms of what the user is after, have crept up. But, if FoodFaves manage to sort out these issues, there's no doubt that it could be a roaring success.

At the end of the day, if anything can help speed up the process of picking what it is that you want to eat, I will get behind it. The amount of arguments I've had with my friends/family/partner over what we want to eat is a joke, and this app might go someway to saving relationships.

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