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This Anti-Ageing Gin Has Been Scientifically Proven To Reverse Your Wrinkles

Now, the majority of us love a cheeky gin and tonic every now and again. However, have you ever looked in the mirror after a night out knocking back G&Ts only to realise the person staring back at you looks about ten years older? Sadly, hangovers aren't exactly known for their beautifying effects, which is a shame for all of us image-conscious gin lovers out there.

Thankfully, self-titled "gintrepreneurs" Liz Beswick and Camilla Brown are here to save the day with their latest earth-shatteringly brilliant product, Collagin. Collagin combines gin with the scientifically proven age-defying protein collagen, meaning you can help your poor gin-ravaged skin out whilst still enjoying your regular tipple.

The benefits of collagen aren't just another unproven health fad: they're backed up by scientific fact. Collagen is the most common protein in our body, and can be found everywhere from our muscles to our bones, not to mention our skin, blood vessels and digestive system. It’s the protein that gives our skin strength and elasticity, and helps replace dead skin cells. Essentially, it's the protein that keeps our skin looking young.

After the age of 20, however, our body's own natural collagen stores begin to drop, kick starting the ageing process. It's thought that by ingesting collagen, we can boost our body's ability to produce the protein. That's where Collagin comes in.

Camilla Brown told The Spirits Business: "Working at all hours is worth it when you truly believe you are working on something special. This belief is reinforced when social media goes crazy when we post images, when people invite us to speak at events on female independence and when you overhear strangers discussing your baby.

"Passion, motivation, ambition and being nice to people is key to making a business work, especially in an industry typically dominated by men with a different attitude to business."

Aside from collagen, the drink also contains other powerful anti-a-gin botanicals including angelica root, pink grapefruit and star anise. If you're lucky enough to be based in the UK, the "skin and tonic" is now available to purchase for £34.99 ($45.25) over on the Collagin website here.