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There’s an ‘Instagram Restaurant’ that uses your pics to pick your food

In an age where our digital lives are under more scrutiny than ever before, many people are understandably suspicious of the internet. With everyone from businesses to politicians using your profiles to try and sell you stuff, you could justifiably claim that the best course of action is to move to the mountains, live in a cave and eat moss.

However, it turns out that there are unlikely benefits to creepy marketing officers poring over your old photos trying to figure out what you're likely to buy.

taking a photo of pizza

In achingly trendy East London, a new pop-up restaurant is proposing to use guests Instagram feeds to deliver the ultimate personal dining experience. Launching on April 11, Eat Your Feed is a new venture that combines the sinister Big Brother-esque surveillance of modern social media, with all the fun of going out to dinner.

Never has a night out been more fraught with philosophical question marks.

Open for one night only at the Jones & Sons restaurant in Dalston, Eat Your Feed are not afraid to make big claims about what their guests can expect. A recent press release states that the pop-up will employ a "unique new tool that analyses [diners'] Instagram feeds to match the places they have been, who they have spent time with and the experiences that they have shared, to tasty and personalised one-pot recipes".

Inside of Jones and Sons

The restaurant go on to say that guests can "expect to be served anything from a traditional French beef bourguignôn, to a spicy Moroccan lamb tagine. Or, classic risotto primavera to flavoursome Greek Meatballs with Feta." Though these options focus on European and North African flavours, Eat Your Feed also add that "no cuisine is off limits as each dish will be based entirely on each diner’s personal Instagram feed".

Unlike most novel pop-ups, this digital dining experience is not the brainchild of a solo trailblazer, but a company who make stock cubes. German food giants Knorr have been busily flavoring otherwise bland dinner bowls since the 1830s, though this is the first time they've launched a virtual assault on an unsuspecting public.

collection of different knorr stock pots

The presence of Knorr's powdery fingerprints on this venture means that Eat Your Feed's menu will inevitably feature an impressive array of stockpots. However, with the brand recently branching out to include snazzy additions like "Mushroom" and "Herb Infusion" on their product portfolio, hopes are clearly high for a menu that moves beyond simple stews.

As an added bonus, guests can expect to receive a whole list of extra perks to accompany their meal. Eat Your Feed promise that every guest will be provided with bread and olives, family-style sides, petit-fours, coffee and two drinks - all at no extra cost.

knorr advert

All tickets will be allocated at random, so would-be guests will have to sign up on the Eat Your Feed website, which can be found here. If you fancy finding out what sort of unholy creation comes out of your combined Instagram meals, we recommend you give it a try. At the very least, it might inspire you to stop taking so many pictures of soup.