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There’s a new café opening in Tokyo dedicated to something called the ‘breast slash’

You don't have to be a foodie to know that the Japanese really have a business to cater to every possible fetish. Be it weird and wonderful candy, to fried chicken that doesn't smell on public transport. Their latest endeavor caters to those who like their coffees with whole milk, to put it politely.

Over in Japan, the slashing in half of breasts is called paisura, and is inexplicably a huge thing. A mashup of the words oppai - boobs - and surasshu - referring to "slash". It's a noted concept that many observers really enjoy, caused by any kind of strap (a woman's purse shoulder strap, seat belt, or some cord or sash running between her breasts) creating a diagonal line across and between the breasts, making them appear more prominent.

And of course, when there's something people enjoy in Japan, it gets made into a café. We've had owl cafes, poo cafes, now we have a paisura cafe on the way. I would say buckle up but it's already been done for us.

Called the Muchi Cafe, the team behind it have announced that the popup will arrive in Tokyo on March 25. In the cafe, five models in paisura-inspired outfits will serve you food. I can imagine all types of people will come to see this decadent... spectacle.

Muchi Cafe is a bit of an expert at this kind of wining and dining experienc,  as it's known for hosting food-oriented events featuring skimpily dressed, plus-sized ladies. Translating a few tweets from under the announcement, and it seems a lot of people are looking forward to it.

Bosses at the Muchi Cafe in Tokyo say they are capitalizing on the soaring demand for the effect caused by handbag straps enhancing woman's cleavage. They say customers have requested waitresses displaying the risqué trend. “We're sure that the breast slash cafe will be popular,” they say.

The details of the cafe haven't been confirmed yet. Whether there will be paisura-themed food is up in the air either. Like, will there be little meringues with a chocolate slash? Will biscuits be swerved in pairs with sticks of butter between them? Who knows.

I do hope there'll be more to the cafe than just an excuse for people to stare at boobs and not be stopped or told off (I'm genuinely surprised Hooters have managed to get away with it for so long). Let's hope there's something like a lecture on seatbelt design and safety or a talk on how to make clothes not do that. If nothing else, at least some tasteful breast-themed cakes. Sadly, I'm not filled with much optimism.

If you do happen to be in Tokyo in March and have an intense need to celebrate boobs being squished by a bit of fabric, the cafe will be held at a yet to be revealed location near Shinjuku. How do you say "this is ridiculous" in Japanese?