There Is Now A Beer Designed Specifically For Drinking In The Shower

There are, perhaps, few things more pleasurable in this life than enjoying a humble beer in the shower. This is most likely because the pursuit combines two of many of our favorite past times: showering, and drinking. There is something about the contrast of a hot shower with an ice cold beer that enhances both experiences exponentially.

Having a beer in the shower is a treat. After a long, hard days work, or an afternoon's sporting leisure, a celebratory quaff is the perfect way to round off proceedings. There are, however, problems, that any seasoned shower drinker will be well aware of.

First and foremost, a bottle of beer is a rather unwieldy thing to take into the shower; there is nowhere to put it down without it becoming swamped in shower water and soap suds, the result of which does not a tasty drink make. Moreover, unless you really are a seasoned beer quaffer, there is a high chance that your bottle will get rather warm before you are finished knocking it all back. Warm beer, as we all know, is a travesty.

So what are the hygiene and alcohol conscious among us to do? Merely give it all up as impossible? Thankfully, there's no need, after one company designed a bottle of beer specifically for use in the shower.

Now, it would appear that our prayers have been answered. Swedish brewery PangPang appears to have recognised the gap in the market for a functional shower time beer, and so created a bottle of the brown stuff perfect for consumption while you wash. The bottle is small compared to most beer bottles at six ounces, the rationale of which is to ensure that your beverage doesn't get overly warm while you shower.

What's more, the bottle is designed to fit neatly into a shower caddy, meaning you don't need to take the absurd risk of putting a glass bottle on the floor, nor do you need to stand clutching it for the entirety of your shower.

If you are concerned that you'll be missing out on your alcohol content due to the bottle's relatively small stature, fear not, as the beer is a punchy 10% ABV - considerably higher than most lagers.

Frankly, it seems as though PangPang have got this shower beer thing covered.

In fact, the beverage has proven so popular that it sold out entirely upon its first release. If you do manage to get your hands on a bottle of their Shower Beer, just make sure you take appropriate care, after all, the bottle is still reportedly made out of glass and so could prove hazardous.

PangPang worked with design company Snask to make the dream a reality, and in doing so have given hope to all of us shower beer drinkers out there; there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it tastes superb.