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The Weird and Wonderful Treats Inside the World’s Biggest Food Show

With a combined space of around 22 football fields and boasting delicious delicacies from all over the globe, the National Restaurant Association Show aims to showcase the latest innovations in the culinary world. Put together by the National Restaurant Association, which was founded nearly a hundred years ago and represents around 380,000 restaurants across the United States.

This annual food convention in Chicago shows off the latest kitchen innovations and cooking demonstrations as well as some very strange edible inventions (with free samples, of course). Below, we've found the strangest new innovations from the best food show in the world, and whether you're an unashamed carnivore or a vegan, there's bound to be something on this list that will tickle your tastebuds more than a little bit

1. A completely plant-based burger from Beyond Meat that's indistinguishable from the real thing

2. Vegan sushi, made from Ahimi vegan tuna using specially prepared tomatoes

3. Bee Free Honee - honey, without all those pesky bees

4. Tattooed hot dogs from Snap Dog 

5. So long, refrigerated hummus; you can now make hummus any time with Hummustir  

6. An officially-licensed Budweiser BBQ sauce

7. Heard of smoked cheese? How about smoked butter from Japanese company Marin Food

8. The Bacon Rimshot is a rim salt that tastes exactly like bacon, but is completely vegan!

Isn't the world of food wonderful? With more demand and dietary requirements than ever before, food scientists are under increasing pressure to make cooler products for us to shove into our mouths. This year's National Restaurant Association Show, however, shows that the future of food is in some very safe hands.