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The New Oreo Cookie Flavors Prove That the World Has Officially Lost It

Last year was a weird one for big-time foodies. Remember the arrival of seaweed popcorn? The barrage of sweet potato toast? Not to mention, the onrush of the zucchini pasta trend?

It's not that we didn't appreciate the tastiness of these unconventional inventions. I think it was probably the fact that we were told we had to eat them right this second if we wanted to fulfil our counter-culture, free-spirited hipster destinyWith the harmonious chime of the Big Ben bell we welcomed in the new year in a haze of alcohol-fuelled debauchery, sighing in the naive hope that it was all over and the world was about to return to its habitual food state. But oh how wrong we were.

We all remember the well-known saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". But it appears no one told Oreo who, no longer content with their cookies and creme persona, have been coming up with a range of insane flavours to let loose on the greater public.

The Nabisco owned company asked all of the Oreo fanatics out there to put in their two cents and come up with their own innovative flavor choices, giving them the chance to develop the next Oreo biscuit and win $500,000 while they were at it.

Keen developers were asked to enter their ideas on Twitter, Instagram, text or via the biscuit company's website. And boy did they deliver. Oreo fans out there got involved submitting all sorts of bizarre ideas. So pull on those skinny jeans and thick-rimmed glasses and say hello to the most generation Y of flavours ever to emerge before your eyes.

Avocado Oreos, Unicorn Oreos and Millennial Pink Oreos are only some of the most hipster biscuits ever to transpire from the #MyOreoCreation competition. The lucky few who caught the attention of the makers have received their very own batch of one-of-a-kind cookies in the mail, along with a personalised note thanking them for their ideas.

Competition entrants were overjoyed with their surprise packages, quickly posting about them on Twitter. Heidi, the inventor of the Unicorn Oreo, wrote: "@Oreo Unicorn Oreo cookies such a pleasant surprise!! loved it!! thanks Oreo #myoreocreation," while Jessica Segarra, the fan who suggested Kettle Corn Oreos, posted: "YALL. KETTLE CORN OREO!! Look what came in the mail. Seriously SO amazing - need a whole pack! @Oreo#mycookiecreation #myoreo #contest".

The new flavours aren't that out of the ordinary for Oreo makers who are recognized for being one of the most creative companies when it comes to biscuits. In the past they have brought out a number of peculiar limited edition offerings including Banana Split Oreos, Birthday Cake Oreos and Pumpkin Spice Oreos.

So is it too late to pitch mermaid, goth black or rainbow Oreos and ensure that millennials go down in the history books as the most outlandish generation in years? Unfortunately not, the #MyOreoCreation competition is still going strong, with fans being able to submit their grand ideas all the way until July 14.