The internet is completely torn over the latest condiment from Heinz

For decades, mayonnaise and ketchup have been staples in households across the world. The salt and pepper of the viscous condiment world, one is rarely seen without the other, and you can't really have a good meal without at least one of them present.

When it comes to these two staples of the modern diet, there's only one brand that does it right, and that's Heinz. Way back in 1852, eight-year-old Henry John Heinz started selling his mom's leftover vegetables out of her garden to neighbors in Pittsburgh. By age 15, he started manufacturing and selling horseradish. Associated condiments like vinegar, sauerkraut and pickles came next. It wasn't until 1876 that ketchup first appeared, but I bet you couldn't even imagine a world without ketchup now.

Today, most people would agree that ketchup and mayo go great together and are even inseparable, often having the two side by side on their plate to have with their food. Sometimes, even mixing the two for a creamy tang matched by no other. It truly is a delicious combination.

Now, food giant Heinz has decided to make things official and put a label on it. Say hello to "Mayochup". A good name, yes, but the internet can't decide whether the taste lives up to name or the hype.

Unlike the Chocolate Mayonnaise that Heinz introduced for April Fool's Day, this beige-colored condiment isn't a prank. The product was spotted by shoppers who were quick to share it on social media. The news spread like wildfire but the feedback wasn’t unanimous, and condiment lovers everywhere were split into two camps - the ones who can’t wait to try Mayochup, and the ones who’d rather it was never brought to life.

One user wrote on Twitter: "I’m finding Mayochup a deeply upsetting concept," while another said on Instagram: "We could not be friends if you’d enjoy this. These flavour profiles are getting a little bit crazy. #Eww #MayoChup #Disturbing."

However, others considered the new hybrid to be life-changing news. One wrote: "Can’t wait to try some mayochup", while someone else added "I hope this mayochup isn’t a joke, my life will be complete".

You see, mixing mayonnaise and ketchup is hardly anything new, and everyone has done it at some point in their lives, so why did Heinz feel the need to create a whole new thing? Surely that's peak laziness, right? I've been doing it since I was about five and now, I can't have any burgers, chips or fried chicken without the two in holy matrimony.

Currently, you can only buy the sauces in the Middle East, from The Sultan Centre and Margin Fresh (an online site is available), for around two to three British pounds ($3-$4) - without any shipping charges which will put you right off when you see how expensive they really are.

Heinz UK confirmed that sadly there are "no plans as yet" to bring Mayochup to our fine shores and shelves. No matter: we'll just have to stick with mixing it ourselves for the time being, then. It only takes a couple of seconds anyway.