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The 19 Funniest Food Tweets To Grace The Internet

If there's anything we can all relate to, it's hunger. As well as a genuine biological need for survival, it's also something that sits at the back of your mind as you try to diet, watch your calories, and balance healthy foods with the delicious snacks that you really want. So as we all face this struggle, it's nice to read a tweet or two and see that the rest of the world is there with us, and they've found the most hilarious way to say it.

1. A modern saint

2. Keep it coming

3. Some sweet talk

4. A simple trade

5. He's not wrong

6. A Terminator prequel

7. Real talk for the mascot

8. I know that feeling

9. Learn from your mistakes

10. Pizza priorities

11. A classic line

12. Stopped off on the way to the meeting

13. A little verbose

14. A round of applause for this one

15. An alternate definition

16. Self-conscious kaiju

17. A taste of your own medicine

18. Family disputes

19. The Pepsi/Coke debate

While it's great to see others feel the same way I do about pizza, I am now desperate to order one hot enough to release steam when I open the box. Doesn't that just sound perfect? Almost as perfect as the time this Portland pizzeria broke records with a 101-cheese pizza.