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Teen spends five hours in the emergency room after getting kicked out of McDonald’s

We all know how uncomfortable it is when our dining experience is tainted. It doesn't matter if you're in a Wendy's or at a Michelin star restaurant - when someone raises their voice or starts throwing things about the place making noise, we all close look down at our plates and silently wish we weren't there.

This incident, however, is pretty difficult to ignore because it involves some pretty gruesome events. At a McDonald's in Liverpool, North Western England a teen was kicked out of her local so violently she ended up in the emergency room, for five hours.

It all began after a lively night out when Susie Shepherd and her friends finished the night off at a nearby golden arches. The teen threw a bag of McDonald's at another patron, claiming to try and hit her friend but the bag missed and hit someone on the head.

Bouncers told her that she would have to leave the restaurant in Liverpool causing the 18-year-old to (in her own words) "kick off a bit". She said: "Me and my friend were having a laugh on the high tables and I threw the (chip/fry) bag at her, just a little toss and a chip hit a guy on the head and the bouncers said “you need to leave”.

"At first I was jokey, I said 'come on' then I can’t exactly remember but they were nasty so I kicked off a bit like 'I’m just eating my food, it was a joke'."

Susie claims she was then dragged out of the store with "unnecessary force" and was then pinned to the floor when she was outside. Her friend started filming and told the bouncers to get off her, a scene we're all too familiar with today.

Susie, who had been out that night, told police she felt sick so they told her to go to hospital where she spent five hours there between three thirty and  eight am in A&E. She added: "Doctors said to get rest, and to come back if I kept throwing up. They were debating if I should go for CT scan." Susie said she understood why she was ejected from the restaurant – but was angry and upset at the way she was treated.

Susie said "I just wanted them to get off me. It was all so fast. They think they can do what they want with a little power. ‘Just taking me outside I could live with, but pinning me to the floor is too much!"

Susie said she has reported the matter to police and has been told to expect a visit "in the next few days". A McDonald’s spokesperson said: "We are aware of the alleged incident at the restaurant on Ranelagh Street. We do not in any way condone or tolerate the use of excessive force in our restaurants and are investigating further as a matter of urgency." In recent news, we've definitely heard more terrifying stories of police brutality but hopefully, stories like these will help stamp it out entirely.