Strawberry Kit Kats Are Heading To The US This Summer

If you’re as obsessed with Kit Kat bars as yours truly, then you’ll probably already know that Japan are blessed with some truly weird and wacky Kit Kat flavors. From grilled potato to soybean powder, there’s almost nothing the Japanese won’t turn into a Kat Kat.

Sadly for us more adventurous candy lovers here in the US, we’ve been stuck with boring old milk, dark and white chocolate versions for far too long. Until now, that is. That’s because Hershey’s have just announced they will be releasing a special edition strawberry-flavored Kit Kat variety just in time for summer.

The new strawberry version has been released to coincide with the chocolate giant’s Flavors of America campaign, which was inspired by the “tastes of iconic U.S. summer destinations.” The new strawberry crème Kit Kat is intended to represent the California Strawberry Festival, which takes place every summer.

According to Junk Banter, who have already given the new flavor a taste: “The neutral wafer works well to cut through the fruity sweetness. The crispy wafer and strawberry combination makes these taste incredibly similar to Strawberry Sugar Wafers, which were responsible for some of my favorite sugar highs as a kid.”

Among the other releases are a cherry cheesecake Hershey’s Bar, a a key lime pie or orange cream pop-filled Twizzler, honey-roasted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and even a Texas BBQ Payday. And there I was thinking Japan’s flavors were weird.

If you’re desperate to get your hands on every single one of these rather unexpected flavors, the entire Flavors of America collection is now available at retailers nationwide while supplies last. Just don’t blame me when you come to the inevitable conclusion that BBQ sauce shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a candy bar.

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