Someone Created A Giant Cheetos Mozzarella Stick, And It’s Insane

These days, you can't open your phone without being confronted by the latest delicious envy-inducing food porn. And yes, I'll admit that we here are Food Envy are partly to blame for that. But hey, isn't feeling jealous, hungry, and slightly inadequate exactly what social media is for?

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about all that. I'm here to inform you about the latest, greatest food porn creation of the year. Potentially, the greatest food porn creation of the decade. That's because it's a giant Cheetos mozzarella stick. And yes, you read that correctly.

Thanks to genius foodie YouTubers Hellthy Junk Food, we now have a recipe for the perfect giant mozzarella stick covered in Cheetos dust. Isn't that exactly how you pictured 2017 panning out?

Now, if you're counting your calories, I wouldn't advise you to try this particular dish. That's because in total, the mammoth cheesy monstrosity clocked in at a whopping 2,500 calories. Ouch.

If you're a man, that's the correct amount for an entire day's worth of food. If you're a woman, it's approximately 500 too many. Perhaps if you eat it around midnight it will somehow straddle two day's allowance? Either way, if you want to give this epic creation a try for yourself, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions:


24x Polly-O string cheese (mozzarella)
Cheetos puffs (optional)
Pringles (preferably pizza-flavored)


Grind up Cheetos (puffs work better)
Dry mix: one cup flour, one tsp cayenne, one tsp paprika, one tsp chili powder
Wet mix: one egg, 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup Franks red hot
We decided to do a triple coat of dry, wet, dry wet, dry, wet... then Cheetos.
TIP: Don't touch the cheese stick in the dry mixture, just move the bowl to coat the cheese stick.
Freeze for 30 minutes minimum.
Deep fry at 350°F for four minutes.

Then what? Well, as the team from Hellthy Junk Food put it: "Try to pull it apart and make sure someone video tapes it otherwise it was a complete waste of time and money." I'd have to say I agree with them.