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Ryan Gosling Lattes Are Here, And They’re Absolutely Amazing

We all love a bit of art on our coffee, don't we? It's always impressive when you get a latte or cappuccino and it comes with a little picture or message on the foam for you.

Sometimes it's just a simple love heart, other times it might be a clover (wait... no, that's a pint of Guinness, sorry), but the fact that someone has gone out there way to make you a little image or message will always make you enjoy that coffee a little bit more.

However, as we approach an age whereby machines begin to replace humans in the workplace, coffee art is now getting more and more complex. While it may be a while until you enter your local Starbucks and are confronted with robots, the new technologies in coffee are making baristas jobs that little bit more easy, and a whole lot more inventive.

While man-made coffee art is undoubtedly impressive, and also heart-felt, it doesn't really compare to the photo-like images that can be created by a foam printer.

West Hollywood's Carrera Café is the location where you can grab one of these delights. The café, which is located at 8251 Melrose Ave. performs the role in the neighbourhood of the super healthy artisanal grocery store (something which we all need, obvs).

Besides its legendary coffees as well as scrumptious teas, the menu includes sandwiches, salads and desserts. However, the main reason people come to Carrera is the Ripple Maker. The Ripple Maker isn't a delicious ice cream based snack, although it does sound like one, it is actually a printer.

Yep, the Ripple Maker is the genius bit of kit that is behind these creations. The machine can print any image onto the foam layers of any coffee or tea beverage, putting the previously handmade hearts and leaves to shame, sorry baristas!

Sadly you can't just walk into the café and ask for a latte with a meme on it (although that would be amazing, are you listening Starbucks?), you have to download an app first. So, to print your favorite image on your favorite drink, these are the following steps that you have to undertake...

Firstly, download the Coffee Ripple app. Then choose the photo you would like to have on your drink from your own photo library, or from the readily available selection. Once you've found the perfect photo for you coffee, go ahead and "ripple" that photo. Your picture in now ready to be printed, so turn your phone around and show the barista the "ripple number" that the app has given to you.

However, not just content with an instagrammable coffee, Carrera also have their own ideal backdrop for all your Instagram posts, with their motivational wall being the perfect complement to your pre-rehearsed coffee pics. If that's still not enough to make you want to go, it's also directly opposite the infamous Paul Smith Pink Wall, which is something of a social media icon.

The wonders of modern technology, eh? I personally can not wait to try one of these bad boys, lord knows what I'm going to put on it though? I can't use anything from my phone as most pictures of my friends show them heavily inebriated at the time, and would probably put me off coffee for life.