Reese’s are releasing a Peanut Butter Cup advent calendar that will make your Christmas

Summer's dead and gone, and while that's a little sad, it's also a good thing. Now that the gym memberships and beach bodies are forgotten about for yet another six months or so, we can ease back into our bellies without any judgement.

I'd like to think autumn is a pretty underrated season. Though the sun may not be blazing and we can't drink milkshakes around the clock because "it's so hot all the time", I look forward to the warm jumpers and being able to eat comfort food at every meal because "it's so darned cold".

Ultimately, along with being underrated, autumn can be pretty passive too, as we drive everything towards the winter culmination of consumerism that is Christmas. As soon as September 1 hits, the deck chairs and sand posters are rapidly replaced with snow and evergreen conifers. Whilst I'm usually annoyed by this commercial dynamic, this year, Reese's have given me something to look forward to.

Yes, Reese's have gone the way of John Lewis and other major players by jumping on the hype very early, releasing its very own Christmas range, including a Peanut Butter Cups advent calendar. Chocoholics will be delighted at the news.

Peanut butter fans, rejoice: Reese's has released its very own Christmas range

Despite the fact that we're barely in October, the countdown to Christmas has officially started. As temperatures start to plummet and the nights grow long, Reese's wants to be one of the first companies to roll out the festive goodness in the form of peanut butter-flavored goodies.

There are five delicious new items in the Christmas range, and hungry customers can already pick them up at a number of UK stores. The selection includes an advent calendar, a selection box, a peanut butter-filled snowman and individual chocolate stocking fillers that kids (not to mention adults) will go absolutely nuts for.

I think that's the most natural pun I've ever written.

Tesco, Sainsbury's, Lidl, B&M, Poundworld and Wilkinson's are some of several retailers stocking the products, and with prices starting from as little as 60p (80 cents), you can afford to indulge a little, getting into the Christmas mood a little early.

The advent calendar already looks like it will be the item that attracts the most attention. Although it will set you back a fiver, in return you'll be treated to a Peanut Butter Cup every day until December 25. On that day, you'll get a double white chocolate cup to mark the occasion.

The chocolate snowman is getting just as much hype. It comes 100 percent filled with Reese’s peanut butter, and is shaped like one hell of a cool snowman, holding a snowboard and complete with goggles.

The snowman will cost you £3.50 ($4.60), the box of miniature Peanut Butter Cups in non-calendar form will cost £1.50 (around two dollars), while the selection box sells for £2.50 ($3.30) - perfect stocking fillers.

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit but are pinching pennies (or just don't really like someone), you can pick up a Reese's peanut butter-flavored fun size Christmas tree for just six pence (eight cents)!