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‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Shay Mitchell has one major rule about Instagram food pics

Food culture has evolved so much over the years that Instagram food in of itself is an actual type of distinguishable food. Who would have thought? Say your friend suggests to you: "let's go get some Instagram food" - if they actually talk like that cut them off because you don't need friends like that but say they hypothetically do. As cringe-worthy as that phrase is, a picture forms in your head that you understand.

Typically, Instagram food is ubiquitous with extra-cheesy cheesy cheese pulls, burgers stacked to the sky, ridiculously sexy looking pizza, and Pantone upon Pantone of pastels. Oh, and unicorn food. Someone who knows this more than anyone is Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchel. Shay Mitchell wants you to know that no slice of pizza has gone unharmed in her journey toward 19 million Instagram followers.

“I love a great food shot and I follow a lot of food blogs,” Mitchell told People magazine at an event for Royal Caribbean International in New York City earlier in the week. “But if I ever find out that you don’t really eat that food, and you just used it for a photo, that’s when I get a little angry - not only because you’re wasting it, but because someone like me could have enjoyed it.”

So, when you're scrolling through your feed and see the Pretty Little Liars star, say, scarfing down an egregiously large bowl of truffle pasta, it’s not just for the ‘gram. “I don’t do a lot of food photos, but if I did, know that I ate it, and it was amazing enough for me to post it,” she said. “I will never just order food to take a photo and then not eat it.” An ideology I couldn't be happier to hear about.

Mitchell also takes issue with those who have aimed that same criticism toward her and what she eats. “You know what, I will out-eat anybody. Come at me,” said Mitchell. “I eat all my pizza and all my friends can attest to that. I am the biggest foodie, but I work my ass off at the gym. I burn it off. Everything in moderation for me.”

Beyond her most indulgent meals, Mitchell - who partnered with the cruise line to announce the revamp of their private island CocoCay in the Bahamas - has become known for her carefully-curated travel content. Certain videos from her YouTube series "Shaycation!" have racked up over two million views and counting. Seeing more of the world, you would assume she appreciates a lot more, specifically food.

“It all came about really organically,” she said. “I realized with my job that I was getting to travel a lot to all of these amazing places and I wanted to share it with everyone.” And lest you think she became a social media powerhouse with ease, Mitchell wants you to know that she’s put in the work.

“I would be lying to say "Oh, I just take it on the Instagram app and I pop it up." No! There’s a lot of time that goes into it,” Mitchell revealed. “I curate my feed as I would an art gallery of myself. I’m trying to show all different facets- my love of travel, my love of food, my love of fitness. A lot of bright colors. I spend so much time curating it.” A hard working foodie if I ever saw one. You go, gal.