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Pizza Hut Will Be Delivering A Mac & Cheese Pizza For A Limited Time Only

Italian food is the ultimate 21st-century comfort food. Whether your significant other has brutally cut you loose, or whether your inconsiderate boss is seeing how far he can push your homicidal tendencies before you well and truly break, coming home to a mouth-watering, cheese-infused Italia treat is often the only thing that will remind you of the good things in life.

However, despite the fact that we're forever thankful to them for creating the food of Gods and putting it in our bellies, we do have a bone to pick with the Italians; namely that we believe there is one important way in which they could improve our relationship with their tasty carb-packed dishes. That is, of course, by combining two of their delicious recipes to make one double-edged, delectable delight.

Luckily for British people out there, Pizza Hut has got you covered. Today Pizza Hut restaurants introduced the all-new, limited edition Mac 'N' Cheese Stuffed Crust Sharing Pizza to its menus nationwide, serving fans up with the perfect combo and fulfilling all of our hopes and dreams while they were at it.

The American-owned restaurant chain made the big announcement on their social media pages, posting a photo of the Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza on Instagram and writing: "SQUAD, we’ve only gone and made Mac & Cheese Pizza a thing! It’s honestly what dreams are made of #PizzaHut #TasteFreedom".

The new Mac 'N' Cheese pizza features a Stuffed Crust with a creamy Béchamel base, topped with deliciously decadent macaroni, cheese sauce, triple cheese blend and crispy onions. Sound like something you'd be interested in? I had a feeling it would be.

To make things even tastier, there is also a BBQ version of the pizza containing the same stuffed crust, but with a tangy BBQ base to mix things up a bit; it's topped with macaroni, gooey cheese sauce, triple cheese blend, a BBQ drizzle and crispy onions.

Gareth Hopley, who's head of communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants, spoke of his excitement at introducing Pizza Hut's new treat to the public, saying: "At Pizza Hut Restaurants we're constantly experimenting with new and innovative recipes as we want to create the tastiest menu around for our diners. You can't beat a bowl of Mac 'N' Cheese, and when combined with our famous stuffed crust – it really is a match-made in cheesy heaven. We can't wait for our guests to try it!"

Needless to say, fans were practically euphoric with the good news, with many claiming their lives were finally complete and one even comparing Pizza Hut's new offering to Jesus turning water into wine.

However, a friendly piece of advice from me would be to stop posting on Twitter and get themselves down to a Pizza Hut near them. If fans want to get their greedy hands on a slice of cheesy heaven, they have to act fast; the Mac 'n' Cheese Stuffed Crust sharing pizza is only available for a limited amount of time, an unspecified date later in the year. So what are you waiting for?