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Pizza Delivery Guy Leaves This Terrifying Letter At The Home Of A Customer Who Didn’t Tip

Working in the food service industry is by no means an easy gig.

Anyone who has worked even one shift in this setting will attest to the pressure you are put under, and the amount of difficult or rude customers you have to deal with each and every day. So it's fair to say that most people you see in these roles definitely deserve their tips, and in some cases a tip can make a huge difference when their paycheck is lacking.

From the side of the customer paying the tip, things aren't always so simple. When service costs are included in the bill it can be unclear whether that is thought of as a tip or is an additional amount on top of any cash you leave behind on the table. And one can wonder whether the server will get the tip at all, or if the money gets added to a pot and divided up between the staff evenly.

Lauren Ledford, who lives in Redondo Beach, California, was in this position when she ordered a pizza using the postmates app recently. After seeing the "outrageous delivery charges" on her bill, she assumed some or all of this money went towards the driver, so didn't add on the required $4 tip once she paid. Little did she know, the driver would get particularly irate about this oversight, and left a four-page note on her door a week later.

In her Facebook post, which has now gone viral, she posted photocopies of the last two pages of the note. She found out who the driver was and reported it to the police as well as the Postmates app, who didn't reply. While you can imagine the frustration of being denied a tip, this delivery man went way too far.

The note reads:

"And you not tipping it making it so I'm actually losing money working this job.

"So please, next time tip your delivery driver. And if it turns out that delivery driver is me again, and you do not tip yet again, I'm probably gonna rob you. I'm only joking, but not really. Don't risk it though. Who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can't afford to eat that day is capable of.

"OK, just heed my words don't be cheap. After all, a 20% tip on a $20 tab is only $4 f*cking dollars ... which is a lot only if you're a Jew ... not in the religious/ethnic sense ... just the cheap/frugal sense."

"Oh, I forgot one thing ... wait, no I didn't. I'm just kinda high and so, I need your tip money to stay toasty. If I had big tits and a nice ass I'd just whip out my tits and/or shake my booty and get all the free drugs I could ever want.

"Sometimes I wish I was born a woman so I could take advantage of men like that. Then I remember that I don't need to sit down to pee every time or bleed out of my ass for a week every month and calm down. Cuz having a weiner has its advantages.

"OK, end rant."

Any sympathy this guy might have had from people who have worked in the similar jobs is completely lost by the end of his "rant". Lauren was justifiably angry about the note and the company's refusal to address the issue, as well as fearing for her safety after his threats, which may or may not have been a dark joke.

One user commented: "This is terrifying. Not only has he threatened your safety, but he also managed to be anti-Semitic and sexist in doing so. Beyond enraging what people think they can get away with - hoping they catch him immediately and that you stay safe"

While not getting a tip in a low-paid service job like this is undeniably frustrating, reacting in this way is far beyond reasonable. Hopefully this gets sorted out as soon as possible.