Forget pumpkins: carve a pineapple this Halloween

When you think of Halloween, very familiar themes come to mind. Spider webs, skeletons, Frankenstein's Monster. For me, the defining Halloween image is still Michael Jackson's Thriller. Whatever it is for you, October 31 is an interesting occasion, but it's one I've always found it difficult to completely wrap my head around.

I think the reason behind this could be linked to being constantly rejected from a nightclub every time I try and go out on that night. Each Halloween I just remember waiting hours to get into somewhere, only to be told my "trainers aren't the right one", or I'm not allowed a hoodie. It's October and my costume is light as hell, I need to stay warm somehow.

"Shag kebab" in my hand or not on Halloween night, you can't miss the pumpkins. Real, fake or just a sticker on a window, they are placed all over the town, and are undoubtedly the archetype of the holiday.

Pineapples might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about decorating ideas for Halloween, but it turns out the fruit works pretty well as a tropical alternative to the traditional pumpkin jack-o'-lantern.

Need proof? In the lead-up to this year's spookiest season, people have been sharing pictures of their spiky-haired scary fiends on social media. Whether you believe the hype or not, you've got to appreciate the craft.

As photo evidence from last year suggests, pineapple lanterns go down well at a party too. If you have fears your costume won't be appreciated as much as you thought, just bring along a pineapple jack-o'-lantern and you will be the talk of the town. At least until the flame burns out.

While their prickly exteriors mean the carving options are quite limited, the process isn't too difficult. I know, because I (regrettably) jumped on the island-vibe Halloween bandwagon too. For your entertainment and education of course.

First, you need to chop off the top and core it. A pineapple corer is key here, because removing the flesh inside with a knife is a pain in the neck. After this the fun can begin, I guess. Although preparing fruit for Instagram is tedious as you can imagine. You kind of have to love the craft.

A sharp knife works well though, and thankfully, it's easier to cut through compared to an actual pumpkin. The only tricky part is seeing the fruits (pun intended) of your labor. Use the thorns to track your design, and have a solid vision of your masterpiece ready beforehand. Maybe have a drawing of the face to hand, and follow to the letter.

When you're happy with your spooky face, place a tea light to place in the center and let it grow. As many YouTubers have warned though, the pineapple reincarnation won't last as long as the pumpkin, but its sweet aroma is sure to leave a lasting pleasant smell.

If trying the pineapple trend sparks an urge to experiment this Halloween, pepper-carving is also a thing you can try. So's avocado-carving, of course. Actually, when you think about it, anything can be made into a jack-o'-lantern, if you're willing to follow it through.