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Oreo have announced they will release three new fan-made flavors in 2018

Nothing quite hits the spot like an Oreo cookie, let's be honest, but which flavor of the delicious sandwich snack tickles your fancy the most?

First making our mouths water all the way back in 1912, Oreo have done their best to keep things interesting, but last week, the competition around Oreo's Mystery Flavor came to a screeching halt, as the cookie company revealed the Fruity Pebbles flavor to their dedicated fans who... had already kind of guessed by that point.

But don't worry - they're attempting to make up for that underwhelming reveal by bringing us some innovative new flavors, courtesy of you fine, fine people.

Last time this happened, we got some pretty interesting results. Back in the summer, the #MyOreoCreation campaign asked Oreo lovers across the world to come up with their own flavors, and to that end, we got a few fascinating flavors, like Unicorn Oreo, Popcorn Oreo, or... Avocado Oreo.

Now, they've returned to that specific well, and this time, they've come up with a few flavors I'm very interested in putting in my mouth, savoring the taste and chewing thoroughly before swallowing, at some point over the next 12 months.

If you're looking for a little variety in your relentless Oreo consumption, then you're in luck - in 2018, you'll be able to sample the weird and wonderful flavors of Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, or Piña Colada Thins. My mind is completely blown, and in a statement to TODAY food, an Oreo spokesperson revealed what exactly we're to expect.

"After receiving hundreds of thousands of creative and innovative flavor submissions from Oreo super-fans around the country, Oreo meticulously tested, tasted and reviewed the #MyOreoCreation submissions, narrowing it down to three deliciously creative flavors."

After hearing about these three new flavors, it's fair to say that curiosity has definitely been piqued. How exactly will Kettle Corn translate into the wafer and creme formation that we're so accustomed to from Oreo? Will Cherry Coke be like biting into a crunchy Dr Pepper? And most importantly, if I like the Piña Colada Oreo, will I also like getting caught in the rain?

We can expect to see these new flavors at some point in May 2018, and when they arrive, there will be a twist: all three flavors will be pitted against each other in a fight for sandwich cookie supremacy, where Oreo fans will be asked to vote for their favorite type of fan-made Oreo. The winner takes it all, while the losers will have to fall (meaning only one Oreo will be allowed to stay on shelves). It's simple and it's plain. Why should I complain?

But wait, Oreo fans, there's more: not only will we be seeing some new fan-made flavors, but Oreo themselves will be introducing a few of their new own concoctions, and we won't have to wait nearly as long. Very soon, we could be seeing Chocolate Hazelnut flavor (Nutella Oreo cookies, anyone?), while Spicy Hot Cinnamon is coming as early as New Year's Day.

With Candy Cane, Hot Cocoa as well as PB & J Oreo cookies just a few of Oreo's 2017 catalog, it's super encouraging to know that our favorite cookie company will be just as active once January rolls around. It's still too early to say what 2018 might bring for all of us, but at least we know we'll have some amazing new Oreo cookie flavors to try.