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Michelle Obama writes incredible thank you letter to a local Greek restaurant

Us plebs can never get enough of hearing about what our celebrity overlords get up to. Even if they've just blown their nose we want to hear about it, and the internet makes it so that we're never too far away from getting our celeb news fix.

Take the Obamas for instance; even though they're more well-known political influencers than celebs, we just love hearing about what they get up to over the holidays, what their favorite shows are, and what they like to eat.

Michelle Obama has always shared her love for good food and just recently she went to some extreme lengths to quell a craving. Souvla, a three-location, fast-casual gyro chain in San Francisco got a massive profile boost when the former First Lady decided to place an order from them before a plane ride back to Washington D.C.

Michelle was so blown away by her order that afterwards, she wrote Souvla's staff a very nice letter saying how much the food improved her five-hour flight. This food must have been legendary.

Remember, Michelle is a dining connoisseur with few equals - she's eaten private meals with Barack that were prepared by Alice Waters and Quince's Micheal Tusk. For Souval's food to be at the top of her priority list, probably considering she can eat whatever she wants in a matter of moments, it must be pretty something.

The restaurant said that her crew came in and ordered “pretty much everything on the menu,” which included the spit-fired meat sandwiches, salads and sides, and frozen yoghurt.  The note read " I wanted to write and thank you for all the delicious food for our plane ride back to D.C. Everything was phenomenal and it made our long flight home so much more enjoyable."

As if the praise couldn't get any better she continued, "The support of people like you is truly remarkable and it means so much to Barack and I. Once again, I thank you for the wonderful meal".

The team at Souvla were so happy with the note they posted it to their Instagram. The note caption read, " We have been so fortunate to have served so many incredible people over the years. To receive a call from @michelleobama’s team requesting Souvla for a recent trip back to DC was perhaps the ultimate honor for our team."

It continues, "We were so grateful for this opportunity, and humbled by her letter to us. From all of the 120+ men and women of all backgrounds who work so hard every day at our restaurants, thank you #michelleobama for this opportunity to #makeitniceandbenice."

Michelle also sent Souvla’s founder, Charles Bililies, a separate note in order to thank him for his support. It looks like she couldn't stop saying thank you, here's hoping Souvla keep their recipe a secret so they can bring in more meat lovers, pleb and celeb alike.