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McDonald’s Launch Their New ‘Signature Collection’, And Damn

However much I love McDonald's, there has always been one thing about the fast food restaurant that has really gotten on my nerves over the years. No matter how perfect and delicious the burger looks in the advertisement, when I open up my takeaway box for my Big Mac, it is always the same: lopsided, smushed flat and lacking the fresh look of the photos plastered around the restaurant.

I have come to expect it not to look nearly as good as promised, but the food tastes great regardless, so this is a pet peeve I tend to let go. A lot of this likely comes down to the fact that the chain is mass producing burgers that can be readily available in a few minutes for impatient customers. Frankly, it's never going to look amazing coming out of that process.

Still, I do long for the day where I can buy some fast food that arrives as advertised, rather than a pale imitation of the perfect model sandwich. Maybe I don't have to wait my entire life for such an eventuality, if this recent news is anything to go by. It looks like McDonald's is launching a freshly-made "Signature Collection", and the new burgers look damn good.

This new menu provides three new burgers, all of which will be freshly made using the new production lines and high-tech kitchen layouts. The burgers will see a gourmet twist on the burgers we've come to know and love, with three different types for sale: The Spicy, The Classic, and The BBQ.

All three burgers are 100% British and Irish beef on a brioche style bun. The Classic contains beechwood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, wholegrain mustard mayo, ketchup, lettuce and red onion.

The BBQ has coleslaw, red onion, lettuce, beechwood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. The spicy, which looks to be my personal favourite, contains Jalapeño slices, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, hot & spicy mayo and a spicy relish.

The Signature Collection has been trialled in a number of locations already, but the company are looking to expand it across the United Kingdom. "We've had a great customer reaction to the pilot," Paul Pomroy, chief executive officer at McDonald's UK said, "we will start to roll out Signature nationwide in our Experience of the Future restaurants".

The burgers are also bigger than those usually served, with patties that are about 20mm thick (the thickest beef patty in McDonald's worldwide), and weigh 1/3 lbs. "It's an eat-in as opposed to a drive-through experience or a takeaway experience," Duncan Cruttenden, McDonald's food development director for the UK, said. He continued:

"It’s really about offering customers more choice options and creating more occasions. It’s not about them buying the Signature Collection instead of a Big Mac – it’s about creating another opportunity from an occasion perspective."

The burgers will be sold at £4.69 a burger or £6.19 for a meal. The company have been tight-lipped about exactly when they will be released, and they will only be available at certain McDonald's branches across the country. To find out whether the collection will be served in your area, you can look it up on the website.