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McDonald’s Is Giving Away Loads Of Free Merch Next Week And We’re Freaking Out

Do you love Egg McMuffins so much that you want to wear one? How about Big Macs: do you love them so much that you want to wear one? Would you go so far as to say that you love Big Macs so much that you want to sleep with one? Well you're in luck, pal, because thanks to Global Delivery Day, you will be able to get some free McDonald's clothing with your order through McDelivery.

Yes, you heard me right people: not only are Maccy D's dropping a clothing line, they're also doing it for free. And don't get it twisted, these clothes aren't some tacky, boring designs, they are full on awesome and will be available for a limited time only.

So, I hear you ask, how does one partake in this truly amazing amalgamation of technology, clothing and fast food? It's simple: on July 25, Maccy's will drop the list of cities around the world where the clothing will be available. This list will be available at and if your city is available, simply crack open UberEATS and order from your nearest outlet. Once you're ready to place your order, you'll be able to select one item for free from the collection and get it delivered as part of your meal.

Take a look at the full selection of items below, and set your reminders to check the website on July 25,

1.  The Big Mac Onesie

Onesies are the ultimate comfort clothing, made for lazy Sundays spent eating greasy food and watching trash on TV. Now, thanks to McDonald's you can not only conquer the Big Mac, but you can also become it.

2. World Famous Fries Jogging Suit and Slides

I mean, these genuinely look like something DJ Khaled would wear. McDonald's have fully bought into the world of hip-hop fashion with this killer tracksuit and slider combo. If only they'd bought out some funky socks to match.

3. Egg McMuffin Sweatshirt

Fans of the McDonald's Breakfast are not getting left out here, the Egg McMuffin has been a staple food for anyone who is nursing a hangover and is well deserving of it's own hoodie. I mean, just look at that hash brown and tell me you're not licking your lips.

4. Burgers and Fries Blanket and McNugget Dunker

Thinking about having a picnic soon? Well get ready to feel eternally let down by your sweaty sandwiches and warm fruit, as you gaze longingly at the burgers and fries that serve as a constant reminder that you should've just gone to the golden arches.

5. Big Mac Pillow Cases

The stuff of dreams, literally. Imagine going to bed every night surrounded by greasy, fatty goodness: it would be wonderful, wouldn't it? Not one for the fainthearted, these pillows give us an up-close look at our favourite burger... Now, if only we could work out just what goes into that sauce?

Pretty great stuff, right? I, for one, will be going in for these if my city is on the list (I'm praying that it is). I mean, those Big Mac pillows are too good to pass up on, and that onesie not only looks super comfy, but also super delicious. The only worry I would have about getting these items, is that I would constantly be hungry whenever I got to bed, but I think it's worth it to wake up with my one true love (the Big Mac) for the rest of my life.