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McDonald’s have announced something that might change your Big Mac experience forever

Who else can recite the contents of a Big Mac from memory? Just me? I don't mind reminding you. Two 100 percent beef patties made from the forequarter and flank of a cow are thrown lovingly on the grill.

These are sprinkled with salt and pepper and cooked to perfection before a toasted bun topped with mac sauce, onions, shredded lettuce, pickles cheese (in that order and only in that order), cradles one patty. This half is then topped with another bun and patty with another delicious serving of onions, shredded lettuce, pickles and bun, not to mention the legendary Big Mac sauce. Scrumptious.

Last year, McDonald's customers could have their favorite burger in all different shapes and sizes as the company released two new variations of their iconic Big Mac: the Mac Jr - a single patty version of the burger and the Grand Mac - boasting two bigger 100 percent patties weighing a third of a pound and served on two large sesame buns, proving that to some, size really does matter. So much so, that the burgers are coming back again.

It looks as if McDonald's is once again ready to serve the trio of Big Mac options with the limited return of the Mac Jr. and Grand Big Mac. On hearing the news, a lot of McDonald's customers were thrilled.

@ghos64 said: "I much prefer it over the regular Big Mac. The regular one has too much bread. The Mac Jr. is perfect and tasty. I never tried the Grand Mac and not interested one bit in it." Meanwhile, @Caitlin says that "it might depend on the store, but the ones around me (I live in Maryland) have been selling them for about a week now!"

The rollout is currently just at a few locations, but Brand Eating speculates that most, if not all locations will have the Mac Trio by early February. The public really seems to dig it. @FlynnLives says: "I'm still baffled as to why the Mac Jr. isn't on the menu all the time. Put it on the $2 menu in the 1-2-3 dollar menu and be done with it."

The Mac Jr. would make a great addition to the one, two or even three dollar menu. Recently promoted by Chrissy Teigen, the dollar menu gives you tasty treats at great value prices. If the Mac Jr. appeared on it, McDonald's could have another Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce situation on their hands.

For every MacManiac there are a few naysayers, however, of the resurrected Big Mac variations. @Skip says: "The Billings Mt. Have the “Grand Mac” again, however, not the same beef patty, the previous patties were considerably larger! The ones now are ultra-thin! A real 'cheap shot' very deceptive, and just lost a long-time, regular customer. I will drive over to Burger King from now on!"

@Rick feels the same way. "Only tried the Grand last time and wasn't impressed at all, ratio of ingredients was way out of balance. I had thought the whole purpose of the endeavor would be a balance," he said.

@Oobedobee posits: "It'd be nice if they tried one in vegan style with a alternative meat like the impossilble burger or beyond meat burger![sic]" It seems like for every step forward McDonald's takes, their audience suggests they're actually taking two back. Will the Mac variations be the hit they want it to be? We will have to wait and see.