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McDonald’s have announced a big change to their soft drinks for 2018

Let's hear it for McDonald's! We all know it, we all love it; it's pretty much the best of the best when it comes to shoving your face hole full of deliciousness. No matter your levels of hunger, the amount of cash you've got in your wallet or your distinct culinary preferences, you can be sure to find something underneath the Golden Arches that will skewer those hunger pangs like nobody's business.

But what happens once the meal is over? Sure, you're left feeling satisfied, with a nice food baby to boot, but sometimes, a strange feeling comes over you; you're thirsty. Luckily, if you ordered a meal instead of just a burger or serving of fries, you'll find you've got a nice Coca-Cola or Sprite to wash all that deliciousness down.

We've already talked about how McDonald's goes above and beyond to ensure the beverages you get at McDonald's are pretty much the best in all of fast food. But pretty, you might be seeing a big change in your McDonald's drinks that's sure to make a massive difference in the world over the next two years.

When you're ordering a drink from McDonald's, it's pretty far from uncommon to go for the Super Size cup. In the quest of quenching thirst, you deserve the best, and what's better than a big cup of Coke to wash down a Big Mac? A really big cup of Coke, that's what. But soon, you'll notice a pretty significant difference in the packaging of your drink.

McDonald's have announced they're getting rid of the foam cold-beverage cups we know and are all used to; aiming to replace them with fiber-based packaging by the end of 2018. So if you're a massive fan of the foam, I suggest you go out and get as many Super Size drinks as possible, because their days are numbered.

Fiber-based packaging currently makes up about half of the cups, trays, wrappings and containers you can find at McDonald's, but by 2020, the fast food behemoth will hope to have that number hovering very close to 100 percent.

A 2015 report by As You Sow and the Natural Resources Defense Council (two environmental NGOs) showed that fast food restaurants aren't doing enough to help with recycling, according to the "four pillars of packaging sustainability:" switching to reusable packaging; recycled content; recyclability and materials use; and boosting materials recycling.

With the foam packaging being nearly impossible to recycle, McDonald's have taken a big step towards ensuring the planet will be Lovin' It for quite a while yet. Back in 1986, McDonald's was using foam "clamshells" to hand their customers burgers and delicious McNuggets but that was scrapped in 1990, before more environmentally-friendly paper containers were introduced a year later.

Although getting to eat fast food is great, being aware of our planet's environmental health is also pretty important. Let's hope more fast food companies follow in McDonald's footsteps, so that we can eat fast food while feeling ever so slightly less guilty.