McDonald’s are facing a massive shortage of Grand Macs across the country

It's a little bit of an understatement to say that McDonald's is a pretty popular fast food chain. With branches in 120 countries around the world serving 68 million customers a day, there aren't many people out there who aren't partial to a trip to the Golden Arches at least once in a while.

Of course, among all the glorious french fries, Chicken McNuggets and delicious McFlurries, one burger stands above the rest of the McDonald's offerings: the Big Mac. Last week, the fast food chain celebrated a half-century of handing out Big Macs to their devoted customers; coming out with two burgers to complement their flagship effort.

The Mac Jr is a smaller version of the Big Mac and at 400 calories, it's in theory a healthier version. But the patty and buns capturing the imagination of McLovers around the world is the massive whopping Grand Mac, which has 741 glorious calories to savor.

So far, it's proved popular... but if the latest news from McDonald's is anything to go by, it's maybe too popular. McDonald's locations around the country (and indeed, the world) are reporting that they're running alarmingly short of the Grand Mac. In places like the British county of Devon, people have completely run out of the giant burger, and as you'd probably guess, people are not happy.

A spokesperson told the Middlesbrough Gazette: "due to the overwhelming popularity of our new Grand Big Mac some of our restaurants experienced higher than expected demand resulting in the burgers being sold out for a short period of time. Customers should be able to get their hands on the Grand Big Mac at restaurants across the country from tomorrow if not before." These are scary times we're living in, guys.

Those of you with a particularly good memory may remember the last time McDonald's had a massive, limited-edition release. It did not go well; a re-release of the Szechuan Sauce that came out alongside 1998's Mulan severely underestimated the enthusiasm of Rick and Morty fans, and they weren't happy, to say the least.

Let's hope things don't get so bad this time, folks.

But hopefully, it's only a matter of time before you can head to your nearest McDonald's, and safely order the Grand Mac once more. So this Valentine's Day, instead of chasing a new relationship or lamenting over a previous one, let's take the moment to celebrate the most important relationship in our lives: our relationship with food.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and as reports circle about an eventual restocking of Grand Macs, my stomach is growing fonder too.

When the Grand Mac eventually does make its triumphant return to the McDonald's menu, you should definitely try to make the most of the opportunity; although this shortage is unlikely to last too long, you've only got until March 20 until the Mac Jr and Grand Mac leave our lives forever.