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Lattes Served In Hollowed-Out Avocado Skins Are The New Trend No One Asked For

If I say "hipster", what pops into your head? Beards? Lattes? Avocados? If those three words have just made you involuntarily cringe inside, then I'm afraid the following article probably isn't for you. That's because it contains both avocados and lattes, combining them in a way that will haunt your dreams from now until eternity.

Sure, I'm probably being a little overdramatic here, but please reserve your judgement until you've watched the following crime against avocados (and coffee). Only then will you understand the true world of horror I'm currently struggling to get my head around.

Like many of the world's most persistent hipster trends, you can blame Australia for this one. Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia have perfected the art of the avolatte, and I feel like I need to take a cold shower. For better or worse, these coffee geniuses have figured out how to combine two of the most persistent hipster icons of all time.

The drink, if you can call it that, is created with the help of a hollowed out avocado skin. The latte even comes complete with its very own microfoam art, which makes it the perfect Instagrammable beverage... apparently.

Okay, so that was an emotional rollercoaster. Why can't people just eat their avocado and drink their coffee separately? Why does every good thing in life have to be ruined by someone trying to add avocado to it? We can't even sell houses without the addition of a year's supply of avo, for goodness' sake!