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Introducing Unicorn Macarons, The New Favorite Magical Dessert That’s Too Cute To Eat

Breakfast is beautiful, lunch is lovely and dinner is delightful, but I'll always space in my heart (as well as my stomach) for a good bit of dessert. The good news is that in this day and age, there are plenty of sweet food innovations to take our fancy, but sometimes, they can feel a little uninspired. With this latest colorful idea, though, you can fall in love with dessert all over again.

If every year could be classified by its food inventions, then I think that 2017 has a pretty good case for being the year of fancy colors. Already this year, we've been treated to the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, the Rainbow Latte that can also cure your hangover, not to mention the delicious Rainbow Noodles, made with some purple cabbage and lemon juice. Now, we've got a colorful dessert to go along with all these delicious morsels: the Unicorn Macaron!

1. The ultimate combination of delightfully sweet and colorful

2. Is it just me, or do these look exactly how they would taste?

3. A couple of sprinkles for that little bit of extra magic

4. These colorful cookies can be designed completely to the discretion of the chef

5. That's a lot of filling

6. It's like I've died and gone to unicorn heaven

7. Why not a couple of rainbow stars to go with those macarons?

8. A totally different take on the unicorn horn

9. Dreamy, wispy cotton candy

10. Special in silver

11. Pretty colors and glazes

12. A distinctly wintery twist

13. These would look right at home at my dream wedding

14. Almost too cute to eat! Almost

15. Shhh! Don't wake up the sleeping unicorns

Totes adorbs, am I right? If you want to recreate something similar at home, then I think you'll find it's pretty simple, too. Get some almonds, egg whites, sugar and vanilla extract to create the basic macaron canvas, and then add colors, sprinkles and unicorn horns to your heart's desire. Happy unicorn-ing!