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Introducing the ‘Salad Drive-Thru’ Which Has Mcdonald’s and Burger King Terrified

Hands up if you've ever wanted healthy food for lunch, yet with no time to go home and cook yourself up something scrumptiously green and not a moment spare to drive to a suitable restaurant, you've settled for a satisfying, yet almost disturbingly greasy, fast food drive-thru? I know I'm guilty.

With the hastened lifestyle of this day and age, each and every one of us is guilty of feeding our bodies absolute trash, practically feeling the saturated fat seep through the walls of our arteries in order to make it to our next meeting in time. But Arizonian drive-thru restaurant, Salad and Go, has completely spun the definition of fast food on its head by offering up healthy food as a nourishing alternative to our usual McDonalds and Burger King 1pm stop-by. Our old favourites must be positively quaking in their boots.

Salad and Go currently has six locations in Arizona and sells 48-ounce salads, all priced between $5.74 and $8.23 depending on whether the customer in question adds chicken, steak or shrimp. In addition, soups, smoothies and breakfast items are also on the menu for about $4, coincidentally the exact same price as a Maccy D's Big Mac.

The new-fangled restaurant maintains the cheap, fast and delicious nature of fast food while serving as an ideal alternative to the burgers, pizza and tacos we normally munch down when we're on the go; the 650-square-foot locations don't have interior seating, meaning that the owners can keep their food cheap and cheerful.

Co-founder Roushan Christofellis told Business Insider how she hopes it will serve as an alternative to legacy fast food, saying: "We know that so many of those people eating from traditional drive-thru fast food are forced to go there, because they, just like me, needed something convenient and affordable, and that was their only option."

The deliciously healthy fast food joint is set to open seven more Arizona locations by the end of 2017, leaving southwestern diners open to claiming the good name of the healthiest lunchtime-goers in the US.

But other Americans, don't panic. Thankfully for those of us living outside of Arizona, the chain plans to launch elsewhere in the United States within the next two years. I can't wait.