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Hurry, there’s a job going for a professional pizza taster

When you picture your dream job, what do you see? A private jet? Having Fridays off? Working with dogs?

Few of us ever manage to get the dream job but we can all agree it is/will be something which allows you to do the thing you love most and get paid for it.

Today's job market has a plethora of cool and trendy opportunities that you don't need five to ten years of experience for, so it would be silly not to put your name forward. We've recently seen a posting for a sex toy reviewer go up and if you like your whisky, you can travel the world as a global drinks ambassador.

If those are a bit too niche or risque for your liking you could just as easily make a career for yourself reviewing something a little closer to home, say, something like pizza. A restaurant in Bath could make your dreams come true.

There's a job going for a professional pizza taster

Bath Pizza Co. has just listed a job for a pizza taster. It's a part-time role, requiring two hours a week. The salary, however, is listed as 'competitive with serious pizza perks'. In other words, we wouldn't suggest quitting your job for this one if you need to spend money on things like food and rent.

The job is simple, you'll need to sample Bath Pizza Co's menu and provide feedback, giving you a hand in shaping the pizza brand's offerings. You'll need to be knowledgeable, an experienced pizza eater "with a cultured palate", a good communicator, and passionate about all things pizza.

You'll need to commit two hours a week on a weekday, but the day you have to work is negotiable. Bath Pizza Co. only has the one location in Bath sadly, but don't fret; if Bath is a little out of the way for you, the team say they are willing to cover all the travel costs for the right candidate.

There's a job going for a professional pizza taster

Bath Pizza Co's mission is to bring quality homemade, bespoke pizza to the people of Bath. All produce is made fresh on site by a team of people passionate about organic food and there are even options for vegans on their menu too.

The job may only be two hours a week, which is pocket money at best, but there's free pizza involved and that's enough for this writer. Talking about pizza isn't hard either. Yes, you have to have to know your margarita from your marinara, but you don't need to be trying to conjure up words that you're only using to describe your food. If it's from the heart, you're doing a good job.

I'd imagine the demand for this is going to be insane so make sure you triple check your CV and get your application in early. Don't under any circumstances bring up the pineapple on pizza debate unless directly asked.