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Hershey’s is coming out with a new candy bar for the first time in over 20 years

A few months ago, rumors began to swirl of the impending launch of a new addition to the Hershey's range. We heard all sorts of wild whispers, but now the iconic chocolate company have confirmed the release of their new Gold bar - and boy, are we desperate to try it.

There's a twist though; because it's not actually a chocolate bar at all, but a "caramelized creme" bar that's literally made from creme that has been cooked until golden! To make it even more awesome, they've stuffed it full of peanuts and pretzels pieces, which Hershey's say is designed to meet the increase in demand for "multi-textured" candy.

The company describe it as buttery and creamy, but according to one lucky soul who got to sample it pre-release, it tastes kind of like caramel - as you would hopefully expect - but a little less sweet. Another taster tester reported that it's more like peanut butter fudge, except with a little extra sugar, which doesn't sound too bad either.

The new bar will be available to buy in stores from December 1st, and will retail in both the Hershey's standard size for around $0.99, with a larger "King" version (2.5 oz) setting you back around $1.70. So basically, it's all set up to be a pretty sweet stocking filler.

Although the Hershey's name is now world-famous, the new bar is only actually the fourth ever released by the brand. How, you ask? Well, as any true Hershey's fan will know, all of the other seasonal releases, Kisses flavors and chocolate bars are based on the traditional milk, special dark or white chocolates. And as you'll have realized by now, with this one, there's not even a hint of chocolate in sight.

Hershey's have gone all-out with the design too, taking the opportunity to move away from their traditional segments to a jazzy new puzzle shape. But while it looks great, the redesign does, by all accounts, make it kind of difficult to eat. Unfortunately, it also means saying saiyonara to the satisfying sound of snapping squares.

The Gold bar has been launched to coincide with the 100-day countdown mark to the Winter Olympic Games, which are this year being held in South Korea; Hershey's is an official sponsor of the United States Olympic Committee.

After all of their endeavors, if they're really lucky, the athletes might also get to visit the newly opened Melt Spa near Hershey's Park, which offers a range of cocoa based treatments including dark chocolate body wraps, dark chocolate sugar scrubs, cocoa facials and cocoa massages.

All in all, given how delicious the Gold bar sounds, the fact that it's received top reviews and just how reliable Hershey's normally are anyway, we're keeping fingers crossed for good things. So although we know it's taken Hershey's 18 months to develop this bar, we're expecting to demolish it within about 18 seconds.

The only question is: what will they come up with next? Oh, and how do we get one of those taste-tester jobs? I need answers.