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Here’s What You Can Expect To Be Served In Different Hospitals All Over The World

I think we can all agree that hospitals are some of the most dreary and depressing places on Earth. They're usually cold, they don't smell particularly nice, and I just can't seem to get over the fact that they contain a morgue where all the dead bodies are preserved.

And to top it all off, there's also the not-so-appealing food that patients are served. Fortunately, I've been lucky enough never to dine on my local hospital's fine delicacies, but from what I have heard about hospital food, the general consensus is that it's bland, flavorless and just plain dull!

Check out some of the most unthinkable mistakes that have been made in hospitals:

But apparently, hospital food varies greatly depending on which part of the world they are served in. Check out the list below to see the best countries to break a leg if your after a tasty meal.

1. Tokyo, Japan

So here we have a dish of pickles, rice, miso soup, and chicken.

2. Johannesburg, South Africa.

If you break a leg in South Africa, you might find yourself eating sausages, poached eggs, tomatoes, hash browns, and toast. Not bad, right?

3. Norway

So if you're unlucky enough to get ill in Norway, you could be eating a slice of bread, a bit of salad and some sort of burger/meatball.

4. Britain

British hospital patients "enjoy" a meal of minestrone soup and beef and onion pie.

5. Chennai, India

I mean, I love a good curry and chapati, but who knows how they taste in hospitals...

6. Malaysia

That chicken and noodles dish doesn't sound half bad.

7. Paris, France 

So for starters, you get fish, then a chicken and courgette main, then bread and a slice of pie.

8. Penang, Malaysia.

On the left, you have soup, turmeric chicken slices with rice and veg and an apple. On the right, is a meal of spinach soup, roast chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes.

9. Dubai, UAE

Here's some pasta, salad, bread, and cake.

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10. Japan

In Japanese hospitals, you get a bento box of meat, fresh vegetables, fish, and tempura.

11. Malvern, Australia

Nope, those Australians don't get shrimp on the barbie when they're in the hospital. Instead, they get lamb tagine, sandwiches, fruit and bread.

12. Seoul, South Korea

In this South Korean children's hospital, the kids get plenty to eat in just one sitting.

13. Massachusetts, USA

Have you ever had chicken soup with crackers? Well, that's exactly what you can expect in this hospital in Massachusetts.

14. Huddinge, Sweden.

Chicken curry for the main meal? Not bad. If only the dessert was a little more appetizing than a simple orange.

15. Richmond, Canada

So it turns out sweet and sour pork is served to Canadian hospital patients, along with bok choy and honeydew melon.

16. Poland

For breakfast in Polish hospitals, you might get sausages, pickles, and bread. It's hardly the Ritz standard but, you know, it's something...

17. Sydney, Australia

In this particular hospital, you get pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, apricot chicken, and peas.

So there you have it: food served in hospitals is incredibly different depending on where in the world that particular hospital is. If I'm seriously ill anywhere, I hope it's in Japan - I'm craving that bento box as we speak...