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New ‘Harry Potter’ Butterbeer doughnuts are here, and they come with a Golden Snitch

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you are probably obsessed with Butterbeer. Either reading about the beverage in the books or seeing it on the screen in the film adaptations had your mouth watering. If you wanted that official Butterbeer taste, you had to plan a family vacation to Universal Studios.

Quidditch players and fans will be happy to hear that you can finally catch the ever-elusive golden snitch without ever having to mount your broomstick for a game. Alternatively, if you're a wizard and it sounds ludicrous to be eating charmed metal but are curious as to know what a muggle's take on a snitch would taste like this news may be for you.

Sugar Shack Donuts, a chain of doughnut stores on the east coast, has introduced a Butterbeer doughnut with a golden Snitch doughnut hole in the middle and I, like many of the wizarding, and muggle world, want one very badly. Unfortunately, they're not quite available everywhere yet.

Sugar Shack's Instagram page 'vbdonuts' says: "Yes, we will have Butterbeer Donuts this month, but no we don't yet. In the meantime, bring your favorite HP novel for a free house donut today. Physical books only, no ebooks."

Sugar Shack Donuts only has locations in Virginia, Florida, and, most recently, Washington, DC. A store rep told Popsugar that the storefronts in Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC have already started serving these magical doughnuts.

The sweet store promises they'll be available in other stores in the upcoming weeks, but here's hoping the snitches they're using do possess magical capabilities, and one (or preferably several) fly themselves over to me.

These doughy masterpieces are covered in white glaze and gold sprinkles in the shape of stars. They also feature a spherical, shimmery doughnut hole (à la Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins) with vanilla fondant wings to perfectly mimic the golden snitch from the Harry Potter films. If you look close enough, the wings may even flutter.

Sugar Shack isn't the first to sell a Butterbeer doughnut - Bogart's Doughnut Co. in Minneapolis served up the treat for Harry Potter's birthday in July. They celebrated the chosen one's special day by making brioche dough doughnuts, filled with Butterbeer cream and topped with a chocolate and crumb glaze.

Whether buying your goodies from Sugar Shack or Bogarts Doughnut Co., being able to enjoy Butterbeer and satisfy your doughnut habit has never been made easier (if you live in the states mentioned).

This could also be a good time to invest in some floo powder too. You could also borrow a broom or try and learn to apparate again. If that fails you could always just book a commercial flight over to the state and buy a few. If you can't do any of those things you'll have to settle for staring at all the pictures of these beauties. Sorry.