Goth Ice Cream Is The Perfect Match For Your Cold, Dark Heart

Unless you've been living under a very dark rock somewhere lately, you will have noticed that there's a pink sparkly virus that's been spreading its way around social media, Starbucks, and that basic girl's YouTube channel you love to hate. This virus, ladies and gentlemen, is unicorn-related.

From unicorn macaroons to unicorn donuts to unicorn frappuccinos, the list of food groups jumping on the unicorn trend is seemingly endless. Thankfully for all you unicorn haters out there, one ice cream shop in Los Angeles is attempting to break the sickly sweet trend with the launch of some refreshingly gothic-themed treats. Little Damage's ice creams are almost completely black, a feat achieved with activated charcoal.

I know what you're thinking: how could I possibly break free from the pink-obsessed world we currently live in? How is it going to look on Instagram? Don't worry, because despite there being no unicorns in sight, these ice creams are still incredibly insta-friendly.

If you want to taste (and photograph) these dark beauties for yourself, all you need to do it pop round to Little Damage's store at 700 S Spring St. If you don't live in LA, I'm afraid you'll just have to live out your lust for goth ice cream through your iPhone screen.

Now, I'm not about to tell you that ice cream could ever truly be healthy, but did you know that the activated charcoal in Little Damage's recipes is actually being touted as an incredible healthy ingredient? In fact, it's so good for you, that people have even started mixing it into pizza dough. Healthy pizza... who knew?

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