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Gordon Ramsey Has Hilarious Reaction To Dessert Served to Him In Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsey is known for many things, but if one thing's for sure, his abilities as a chef have certainly been pushed to the back-burner in favor of his rather infamous temper, regarding anything that doesn't manage to live up to his culinary standards. Whether it's on his hit television shows, Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares, the esteemed celebrity chef can always be found huffing and puffing over his charges' incompetence when it comes to dishing up the perfect halibut, or even over their unsavoury kitchen hygiene. Certainly, fans of the 50-year-old have most probably spent more time chuckling at the instances in which his cholesterol level rises than eating at his acclaimed Michelin starred restaurants. It may sound cruel, but it is awfully funny watching the chef's anger continue to rise and rise until his face resembles the colour of his favourite brand of ripe Italian tomatoes.

And if you enjoy his explosive episodes as much as me, stay tuned because I have a good un'. Ramsay had quite the reaction when a sub-par desert was served to him, and boy was it hysterical.

In a YouTube clip that has been viewed over a million times, Ramsay is shown eating a rather unconventional iteration of a dessert pizza.

It wasn't off to a good start when even the manager seemed unimpressed with the restaurant's food. Certainly, after rating the food a measly, 6 out of 10, the manager then went to describe Ramsay's chicken appetizer as being "drier than a bone".

And unfortunately, Ramsay corroborated those sentiments. He said that the Chicken Brick looked more like someone had "S*** a brick" and the manager backed him right up, stating "chicken under a brick is where it should have stayed... it should have never have come out of the kitchen".

"At least I saved room for dessert", Gordon mournfully said after receiving his disastrous starter and main.

He shouldn't have been so excited, for out came a spectacular looking, Italian inspired (emphasis on the "inspired"), Chocolate Pig - a dessert pizza topped with white and dark chocolate, strawberries and bacon. And, whilst none of us watching from the comfort of our sofas thought that that combo was a good idea, we were all amazed by the vehemence of Ramsay's reaction.

To say that he wasn't unimpressed by the appearance of the dessert was an understatement, he proclaimed, "it looks like we've had a crisis with the toilet paper department and and someone's wiped their a**e with my dough". And that's not all, Ramsay continued, "it's just that I haven't seen so f***ing unappetizing of a desert in all my life."

Ultimately, Chef Ramsay had to actually spit out the desert after only having ONE bite of it.

The only words that Gordon had after that? "F*** me".

We don't blame him, out of all of Ramsay's blow-ups, perhaps the one that we can emphasize most with is this one, I mean, the Chocolate Pig is a clear desecration of the wonder that is pizza. It's safe to assume that it's not what the Italians had in mind when they created the carb-y delight.