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Gordon Ramsay Reveals His Top Tips For The Perfect Steak

If there are two things Americans love on the 4th of July it's displays of ignited flames and lots of beef. Although British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is probably not the best authority on American culture, he sure is the best authority on a good steak. So as an ode to his audience across the pond, Ramsay posted a special 4th of July celebration video teaching them how to cook the perfect steak with a fiery flambé sauce. This beautiful dish shows us that there's more to American food than just pure fat and sugar (well, kinda).

The video originally comes from Season 8, Episode 2 of MasterChef, in which contestants faced off in a challenge to make their flambé steak absolutely flawless. Of course, nobody can do it as well as the 3 Michelin star chef himself. He starts the dish off in a rather classic way, adding salt and pepper to both sides of the meat, and cooking it in a hot oiled skillet with some rosemary and a sprig of thyme.

Luckily, the dish isn't too complicated yet. This is probably for the best, as there's about an 80-90% chance that the chef trying to recreate this at home on the Independence Day is 3-4 Budweisers deep. His advice for cooking the steak is fairly standard: get a good sear on both sides and then take it out to rest. At this point, it might be best to grab an assistant, because Ramsay ups the ante when he starts making the show-stopping flambé sauce.

After cooking down butter, mushrooms, chopped garlic, and chopped shallots in the pan, it's time to add the steak back and gather the pyromaniacs at the party, because it's time time flambé. A healthy dose of Cognac is added to the pan, and the flames burst upward in a fierce display of patriotic fervor. Add a little stock and cream, then start coating that baby with the delicious sauce, because no country-loving American likes a dry steak.

This combination of ingredients is usually called Steak Diane, and its one-pan nature makes it a quick cleanup after a long day of beer-drinking and firework-sparking. Ramsay clearly knows what the American people want to eat on Independence Day. According to Market Watch, last year Americans spent over $800 million on beef in the two weeks leading up to the 4th. $800 MILLION. Now that's what I call freedom. While much of that beef ends up being used for burgers, why not step up your patriotism one notch and make your guests some fancy steak as an ode to the American dream?

Of course, the painful irony here cannot be escaped. Thousands (well hundreds of thousands considering the video got over 662 thousand views) of Americans are being told what to eat on the day they celebrate their Independence from Britain... by a British chef. Regardless, considering how much money Gordon Ramsay has probably made off of American television, he may be more patriotic than we all know. If he wants to wish America a happy birthday by showing us how to make a perfect steak, we certainly won't stop him.