Gordon Ramsay reveals he’s making a massive diet change, and nobody saw it coming

Foodie bad boy and swearer-in-chief Gordon Ramsay owes his international reputation to several... delightful personality traits. When he's exhausted himself through hours spent angrily shouting at traumatised restaurant owners, insulting the French or serving up some fine dining wizardry, Ramsay likes to relax.

However, while others might kick back with a hot cup of tea and some biscuits, the three Michelin-star chef prefers to think about who else he can mock. Over the years, one group in particular has suffered more than most.

Gordon Ramsay shouting

Gordon Ramsay hates vegetarians. As a man trained in the art of classical butchery and meat cooking, he has made it abundantly clear that he has absolutely zero respect for anyone who ignores the fleshy bits of nature's delicious bounty. In 2016, Ramsay sparked a minor internet feud after declaring that he was "allergic to vegans".

This year, he proudly declared himself a member of PETA - "People Eating Tasty Animals". Naturally, this less than sympathetic approach to plant-based living has not earned him many friends in the herbivorous community. However, a shock tweet sent late yesterday evening could reveal that Ramsay is on the verge of converting.

Posting a picture of a vegetable-clad pizza, Ramsay declared to his 6.8 million followers that he was "going to give this vegan thing a try". As one would expect from the measured, dignified denizens of the internet, the response was a total meltdown.

Many were quick to point out the litany of past insults levied against plant lovers, with one user sharing a clip of Ramsay attempting to ban singer Cheryl Cole from the "F-Word" kitchen after she declared herself to be vegetarian. If the news surrounding the chef's new diet is indeed true, it would certainly come as a shock.

However, there could be more to this story than immediately meets the eye. Ramsay's announcement and depiction of a delicious looking vegan pizza has coincided with the launch of the celebrity chef's latest restaurant venture. Opening today, Gordon Ramsay's Street Pizza has opened under the auspices of St Paul's cathedral.

Cynics have noted that the world's most famous anti-vegan declaring himself to be a veggie would be the perfect way to drum up some publicity for the new eatery.

Even if Ramsay has no real intention of committing to a vegan lifestyle full time, he is certainly not the first celebrity chef to express some newfound sympathy for plant lovers. Award-winning cooks from across the world, including big names such as Jamie Oliver, have expressed solidarity with the vegetarian cause, highlighting a new trend away from meat in the restaurant community.

Given Ramsay's well-known disdain for delicious animal dietary exclusion, it seems more than likely that this latest announcement is more monetary than moral. However, there have been suggestions that the chef is not quite as opposed to the lifestyle as he once was. In last year's MasterChef Junior competition - co-hosted by Ramsay - contestants were given the show's first ever vegan cooking challenge. He may not like it, but it seems that even Gordon Ramsay is slowly coming to terms with the fact that vegans and veggies are here to stay.